A Starter Guide to ShopandBox

Ever had something you’ve been wanting to buy from overseas (whether a pair of customisable Nike kicks or the latest Dior bag off the runway) but find it difficult to actually buy it because of distance and limited availability? This is the exact premise on why and how ShopandBox came to be—you can now get your hands on items that you couldn’t previously buy for various reasons in the country you’re residing at.

If you didn’t know already, ShopandBox is a global shopping service that gets you what you want from 27 countries across the world with the help of our Boxers (or personal shoppers, if you will) who are based in the country you’re looking to shop from.

How does ShopandBox work?

1. Tell us what you want and where it is from
Found something that you want? An item description, a website or store will help us get the ball rolling. Create your wishlist now. Don’t forget to name your order and hit the ‘Submit Order’ button when you’re ready toget matched with a Boxer (Personal Shopper)!

2. A Boxer is assigned to shop for you
You can trust the local Boxers to find the best prices on the items you want before doing all the shopping for you. Check out Boxer profiles! Once you’re assigned a Boxer, chat to him/her on the message board on your order page. Get ideas, recommendations and access their local sales!

3. Confirm your items and pay
When everyone is happy, off we go! Send Invoice 1 (actual cost of items) money to your Boxer via Paypal. Your Boxer will then purchase your items, alerting you once they’ve arrived with actual pictures of your shopping.

4. Your box is delivered to you
Get all your items consolidated into one box with unnecessary packaging removed to save you on international shipping fees. Select your preferred method of shipping, pay for Invoice 2 (International Shipping + Service Fee) and your box will be at your doorstep as quickly as 1-3 days via Express Global shipping.

For more information, please head to our ‘How To’ page.


Why should you use ShopandBox?

Firstly, why wouldn’t you want to get makeup, shoes, apparel, or anything on your wishlist that you can access via an order? Our personal Boxers can provide you with their recommendations, steals and deals alongside insider’s tips when it comes to shopping from their countries. ShopandBox is a simple, hassle-free service that you can use to shop; we also use PayPal’s trusted gateway with the convenience of your card so you won’t worry about bank/payment frauds. And lastly, you can get your items between 1 to 3 days with express international shipping at unbelievable rates.


What are our Boxers like?

Our Boxers are individuals from across the globe who enjoy shopping and love to share their tips and tricks on getting the best deals with you. Whether you can get something cheaper, better, and/or faster, they are the best personal shoppers you can ask for! From Boxer Anne (USA) who’s a former beauty queen, mother of three and a makeup expert, to Boxer Jason who’s our resident gadget expert from Japan, our Boxers are all about ensuring your shopping haul is taken care of.


For more information, check out our FAQ page to get all your questions answered. You can also take a look at our Shopper feedback to find out what other shoppers have to say about our service. And don’t forget to check out our Instagram and blog to get some major shopping inspiration.

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