#LocalGuide: 10 Things You Should Get From London


Ever wondered what each country’s top must-buys are? In this week’s edition, we cover UK and all the gloriously British food and products that you can score with the help of our Boxers residing in the country. Here’s a closer look at what you can (and should) get, instead of fish and chips (which you can’t ShopandBox) and Cadbury chocolates:

Tea from Teapigs

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Jelly & Ice Cream Tea, Teapigs, GBP5.25, + Add To Wishlist: You can’t go wrong with a box of tea from the UK, especially when it comes from Teapigs. Connoisseurs don’t even begin to describe the founders behind the tea company, so rest assured that each tea bag you get from Teapigs is of the highest quality. This means that it includes the whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs, whole berries, whole spices and whole flowers, instead of overly processed tea you’d find in grocery stores. This jelly and ice cream flavoured has fruits such as apple, blueberry, orange peel, liquorice root, citric acid, strawberry pieces, vanilla pieces and natural fruit flavouring for that legit taste.


Scarf from Liberty London

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Marlborough 45 x 45 Silk Twill Scarf, Liberty London, GBP70, + Add To Wishlist: Another must-see is departmental store Liberty London that was founded back in 1875. Established as the supplier of must-have silk scarves, the house is also known for its variety of fabrics that you can use for your home, clothing and more. This timeless silk piece is a great way to accessorise your outfit, with a modern take on a classic paisley with a vibrant colour palette.


Pickle from Fortnum & Mason

British buysBritish buys

Fortnum’s Pickle, Fortnum & Mason, GBP4.95, + Add To Wishlist: Ask anyone based from the UK on recommendations for condiments, Fortnum & Mason will more likely than not be on the tip of their tongues. Founded in 1707, the department store invented the world’s first Scotch Egg—a hard-boiled egg wrapped with sausage meat and coated in fried breadcrumbs. It also has supplied food to royalty dating back to 1814. But what we love is their assortment of provisions, both basic and unique, such as this peerless pickle of swede, parsnip, carrot, turnip, apple and celeriac. A must-have addition to sauce/gravy!


Umbrella from James Smith & Sons

British buysBritish buys

Knirps T.200 Duomatic Brussels, James Smith & Sons, GBP41.63, + Add To Wishlist: Nothing is as quintessentially British as a well-made umbrella. And where better to get it from than the oldest established umbrella makers in the country, James Smith & Sons? It is here where you can saunter in to get a ready-made or bespoke umbrella of your choice, whether with a price tag of £16 or £6,000. You can find umbrella made of metal tube, wooden solid sticks, and even with animal head handles that has given the brand its iconic status. We suggest this arresting umbrella that you can automatically open and close by pressing the same button.


Ground coffee from Monmouth Coffee Company

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Konya Ground Coffee, Monmouth Coffee Company, GBP9.25, + Add To Wishlist: If you aren’t in town to take a swivel of coffee from Monmouth, fret not. ShopandBox a bag of beans or ground coffee straight from the shop with the help of our Boxers. The store is part of the first wave of retailers at Borough Market at the late ’90s, and is pretty popular in the nation as one of the pioneers of the cafe culture. Expect a range of single origin coffee beans from across the globe that are roasted in Bermondsey, UK.


Champneys from Boots

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Champneys Summer Dream Rewarding Bubble HeavenBoots, GBP12, + Add To Wishlist: You can’t go wrong with a virtual click-through on Boots, UK’s leading pharmacy chain. While it is actually available in other nations including Thailand and Hong Kong, you can only find exclusive brands such as Champneys in Boots UK. Soak yourself in a summery concoction of peach, mango and orange with this Summer Dream bubble bath.


Preserves from Wilkins & Sons

british buys british buys

Lemon CurdWilkin & Sons, GBP3.99, + Add To Wishlist: If you’re looking for preserves, Wilkin & Sons from Tiptree, Essex is one of the best places to scour for the 1) most assortment of fruit preserves and 2) its centuries-long history. The company has held a Royal Warrant for preserves and marmalades continuously since 1911, and it grows most of its own fruit used in its products, from quinces to plums and mulberries. A stellar choice is the lemon curd that you can eat with toast, as a topping on a pie, or even in between fruit bars.


A classic by Persephone Books

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The Home-Maker by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Persephone Books, GBP10, + Add To Wishlist: UK is home to many bookstores that are longer established than what you can find worldwide. But one of the newer, modern bookstores that we love is Persephone Books, a publisher and bookseller that began in a room above a pub in 1998. The original concept was to publish a handful of ‘lost’ or out-of-print books annually, majority of them interwar novels by women. Later on, the bookshop opened its first store in Bloomsbury. Fun fact: Persephone books are all grey because “it doesn’t matter what it looks like because she (the reader) knows she will enjoy it.”


Teapot from Emma Bridgewater

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Wallflower 4 Mug Teapot Boxed, Emma Bridgewater, GBP59.95, + Add To Wishlist: Now that you have tea, steep it inside a teapot from Emma Bridgewater, a ceramics manufacturer that’s known for their homey, kitschy motifs and polka dot designs. The label specialises in pottery with motifs drawing on techniques dating back to more than 200 years. It is also one of the biggest pottery manufacturers based entirely in the UK. The next time you have guests over, you know what teapot to use to brew them a cuppa tea.


Keyring from Aspinal of London

british buysbritish buys

London Bus Key Ring, Aspinal of London, GBP65, + Add To Wishlist: For a classic UK souvenir that won’t go wrong, get a keyring in the shape of London’s icons, the red bus, by Aspinal of London. The English luxury lifestyle brand offers a slew of products including designer handbags/purses, mens wallets and luxury leather gifts. But this charming gold tone keyring is chic yet handy enough to be attached to your favourite bag as a charm, or even to a bunch of keys.

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