Boxer Jess’s Favourite Korean Recipe: Korean Radish Soup, 무국 (Mu-Guk)

The best kind of comfort food is the type that warms your insides with a pleasant sensation akin to sitting by the fireside and reading a book. Anything hot and soupy scores in our books, especially when it is a traditional dish that hails from Korea as well. Boxer Jess shares with us her favourite recipe this week – Korean radish soup:

Korean radish soup is the first ever recipe a friend back home in Malaysia asked me for. She had previously tried it in a Korean restaurant and wondered if it was easy to make. So I did some research in my mother-in-law’s kitchen, and I found that it was actually a quick and simple dish to cook even if you don’t have any Korean stocks and sauces at home. Like most kinds of soup, this will taste even better the next day—so boil an entire pot and enjoy it with your rice or as a soup base for your noodles!


A dash of salt
Spring onion
MSG / Ajinomoto (optional)


1 R

2 R

3 R

1. Cut beef, radish and tofu into small cube sizes.


4 R

5 R

2. In a pot, pour in a generous amount of sesame oil and stir fry the beef till it’s fragrant and brown.

3. Add in the radish, stir and add water (as much as you want the soup to be).

4. Once the soup starts to boil, impurities will surface in a brown layer – use a spoon or ladle to skim it away until the broth is clear.


6 R

5. Add tofu and salt (to taste).


7 R

6. Let it continue to boil until the radish is soft.

7. Once the radish is soft and the soup taste is well to your liking (add MSJ here if necessary) then turn off the fire.

8. Add in spring onion and close the lid till you are ready to serve.


8 R

Now you can enjoy a hearty bowl of soup!

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