Brand Spotlight: 3INA from Italy

Beauty addicts out there, if you haven’t heard of new Italian beauty brand 3INA (pronounced as ‘Mina’), here’s one good reason why you should familiarise yourself with our latest #makeupobsession: It’s actually known as the first “mastige” makeup brand (a cross between prestige and mass-market) that has the quality formulas of luxe brands but with at a fraction of the cost. In simpler terms, you can get smashing foundations, concealers, lippies, nail colours and even a line of skincare products that feels like top-tier products, but without exceedingly expensive prices.

3INA recently opened its first flagship boutique in Covent Garden, London, in February 2016, with stores located Greece, Italy, Malta and Australia; and its concept actually took two years to formulate by founders Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve. Its business model the company to place new products on the market in four months, despite taking years to produce a line. 3INA is also backed by the beauty and product development experts whose previous chops include Kiko Milano, Sephora, and Net-A-Porter.

If that doesn’t impress you enough just yet, 3INA’s product price range is between EUR4 – 20, and let’s be real – where else can you find a solid, pigmented lipstick at EUR6 a pop with 24 colours to choose from, or even long-wearing nail polish at the same price with a whopping 90 shades?

Here are our favourites from this brand that you can ShopandBox from Italy:


1. The Metallic Eyeshadow, EUR8.5, + Add To Wishlist: For a metallic sheen to your eyelids, take on 3INA’s high-shine paraben-free eyeshadows – blend it out for a pearly effect or press it on with an eyeshadow brush for a dramatic, foil-like effect.

2. The Definition Mascara, EUR10.5, + Add To Wishlist: Clumping of lashes one of your major beauty pet peeves? This mascara has hydrating larch tree extract to make every single eyelash stand out brilliantly,smudge-free and clump-free! Three strokes is all you need, plus it’s ophthalmologically tested and paraben free too.

3. The Lipstick, EUR6, + Add To Wishlist: This brightening, paraben-free lipstick has a creamy texture that glides on easily, leaving a satin sheen that lasts from day to night. Take your pick from an array of eye-catching shades, whether midnight black or a snazzy pink.

4. The Automatic Eye Pencil, EUR4, + Add To Wishlist: A blendable eye pencil that comes in 12 all-season hues, use this along your lash line as a precision liner or blend it out for a smoky look using an eyeshadow brush.

5. The Micellar Gel, EUR8.5, + Add To Wishlist: If you’re a frequent user of micellar water, try 3INA’s version in a soothing gel formula that’s green-tea scented for a refreshing sensation.

6. The Nail Polish, EUR6, + Add To Wishlist: We can’t decide what we love more about 3INA’s Nail Polish – whether its smooth glossy shine, anti-chipping hard-wear formula, or the fact that there are an astounding 90 colours to choose from.

7. The Highlighter, EUR13.5, + Add To Wishlist: Need to look photo-ready in a jiffy? Brush on this highlighting powder that has a powder-cream texture for a lit from within glow. Apply it over your cheekbones, temples, eyelids, and even your collarbones and shoulders for a boost of radiance.

8. The Chubby Lipstick, EUR10, + Add To Wishlist: This chubby lipstick is an easy-peasy way of always looking chic on-the-go. Its rounded tip makes it simple to shape your Cupid’s bow and lip corners.

Check out beauty reviews from b-bloggers who have tried 3INA out here. Planning to consolidate your package from Italy? Check out six other brands from Italy you can ShopandBox here for ideas on how you can make the most out of the international shipping fee!


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