11 Timeless Gifts Your Kids Would Love — Even After They Are All Grown-Up

Instead of the usual rocking horse and huggable plushies, gift your kids with this list of educational and fun toys that they can use from now till they grow older. These are definitely not your average Christmas stocking stuffers for tots—we’re talking Scandinavian wooden toys, magnetic construction shapes and more.


classic toys for children

Large Set Sky, Trido, GBP79, + Add To Wishlist: What seems to be a simple magnetic construction toy for kids actually serves as an educational tool that’s both fun and innovative. Trido’s geometric-shaped magnetic solids offer a limitless amount of potential combinations and creations, allowing anyone to create structures according to their own imagination.


OYOY Panda Money Bank

classic toys for children

Panda Money Bank, OYOY, GBP73, + Add To Wishlist: Scandinavian brand OYOY has designed this super cute panda money bank that’s carved out of natural beech wood and beautifully hand-painted. It is never to early to let your child start pocketing his/her well-earned money, not especially when there’s a piggy bank this adorable.


The Little Prince

classic toys for children

The Little Prince (Collectors Library) Hardcover, Amazon, GBP5.43, + Add To Wishlist: Antoine De Saint-Exupéry’s bestseller is one of the most-translated book of all time, available in over 180 languages across the globe. This book is a must-have for any kid and adult alike, with the protagonist (the little prince) exploring Earth and finding out all its eccentricities.


The Die Determined Toppling Timbers Game

classic toys for children

The Die Determined Toppling Timbers Game, Hammacher, USD129.95, + Add To Wishlist: Akin to a larger-sized version of Jenga, this toppling timbers game is a die-based version of the classic tower game. It comes with 54 wooden pieces painted in bright colours—all of which can form a gapless 27″-tall structure. Roll the dice and start removing a block of the same colour!


Bloxels Game Studio Pack

classic toys for children

Game Studio PackBloxels, USD49.95, + Add To Wishlist: With Bloxels, anyone can create stories and ideas into a digital video game. Made for a group of five, the Bloxel Game Studio Pack can be used to design creative games with brainstorming techniques and story boards available for perusal.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

classic toys for children

Instax Mini 9 – Ice Blue Instant Camera, Fujifilm, USD56 + Add To Wishlist: Jumpstart your kid’s interest in photography with Fujifilm’s instant camera that’s an essential for scrapbooking and the like. All you need are film packs and your kid’s good to go.


Double-Ended Coloured Brush Pens

classic toys for children

Double-Ended Coloured Brush Pens, Bright Ideas, USD22.45, + Add To Wishlist: What better way to let your kid’s creative juices run than with this set of 20 double-ended brush pens in every vivid colour imaginable? Filling in the colouring book is easy breezy with this fun double-tipped pen that allows for a myriad of possibilities.


Scratch Map

classic toys for children

Scratch Map, Uncommon Goods, USD26 + Add To Wishlist: Get your young ‘uns to explore their adventurous side the most creative way possible. This scratch-off-where-you’ve-been map allows you to scratch areas to reveal bright pops of colour—making for a fun geography lesson as well. All you need is a coin for easy scratching.


Kaybojesen Wooden Dog

classic toys for children

Wooden Dog, Kaybojesen, EUR95, + Add To Wishlist: Kay Bojesen’s well-known Dachshund has become one of the most recognised toys in the world for good reason. First created in 1934, this wooden dog is a classic gift for christenings, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries—making it versatile enough to be found in the playroom to the living hall.


Personalised Name Puzzles

classic toys for children

Personalized Name Puzzles, Tinyme, AUD35, + Add To Wishlist: These custom name puzzles are more than meets the eye. With a subtle textured finish and variety of designs and colours, your kid can prop this timeless gift up on his/her wall or shelf throughout the years. The best part? You can choose from a free felt storage pouch or upgrade to a solid wooden storage box to utilise it completely.


Little Wiwa

classic toys for children

The Labyrint – Generös, Little Wiwa, AUD159, + Add To Wishlist: What’s great about Australian-based brand Little Wiwa’s play mats is that all are all made of PU foam and free of latex and PVC — making it a safe choice for your little one and even for the rest of the family to hang around on. Take your pick from circular mats (Cirkulär Labyrint) to the rectangular mats (Signatur) that are all reversible.  The best part? It comes in the most beautiful, neutral and pastel hues, making it a perfect addition in any minimalist, chic abode. Once your tot grows out of it, use the play mats as a yoga mat instead! Talk about repurposing your essentials.


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