Your Guide to a Sustainable, Eco Beauty Routine

There are honestly a few good reasons to embark on a sustainable, all-natural and organic beauty routine, one of them being the fact that you actually cut out all the toxins and chemicals that you probably can’t even pronounce on the labels of most beauty products that are currently on your shelf (that aren’t eco-friendly).

If easily irritable, sensitive skin is the bane of your existence, try to eliminate parabens, phthalates and sulfates in all your beauty products for a start. It helps to make mental notes on certain ingredients that might or might not suit your skin. As terrifying as this sounds, artificial ingredients can actually be absorbed into the skin and into your bloodstream, later on building up in your body.

Of course, no new or sudden lifestyle change will be effective unless you’re armed with an arsenal of well-researched information, so get smart and read up on what you need to know about kickstarting an eco, all-natural beauty routine. Whether the environmental effects of plastic microbeads in exfoliants and soaps, or even the necessity of parabens as preservatives in products, you’d be surprised as how much you learn with reading up on various sources.

As much as you might love the idea of going all-green, it’s important to be realistic with your goals and actions. Start with what you can alternate with natural choices, such as soaps, shampoos, and even moisturisers. If all-natural nail polish and mascara are pretty hard to find, don’t sweat it – take your time with looking for sustainable and healthy alternatives.

Here are some products we’re loving that you could add into your all-new, organic, natural beauty ritual:



1. David’s Toothpaste, USD7.95, + Add To Wishlist: Looking for natural toothpaste that naturally whitens, removes plaque, and freshens breath like what the regular toothpastes offer? This cult-favourite product from David’s is a natural, sulfate-, fluoride-, and cruelty-free option that doesn’t have artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives and even sweeteners. It’s received rave reviews and definitely worth trying!

2. Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant, Sports Luxe, USD16, + Add To Wishlist: We’ve all heard about the harmful effects of aluminium-laden deodorant to your nerves and nodes (cancer-causing too, some say.) Make sure your deodorant is 100% natural, safe and effective with Lavanila’s version that has a blend of soothing essential oils and beta-glucan technology to get rid of odour effectively. Best part? No sticky wetness or white patches/marks left on your clothes!

3. Kopari Coconut Splash Scrub, USD28, + Add To Wishlist: Along the same vein of sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free products, this scrub from Kopari is infused with brown sugar and small pieces of Tahitian coconut shell to exfoliate your skin beautifully without damaging the environment.

4. YAROK Feed Your Style Dry Shampoo & Styling Powder, USD10, + Add To Wishlist: If you need a quick hair fix on days that you don’t have time to shampoo, try out this dry shampoo and styling powder that has organic starch, arrowroot tapioca powder and organic aloe vera leaf powder to absorb excess oils, restore, de-frizz, detoxify and revive the volume of your hair.

5. Beauty Dust by Moon Juice, USD65, + Add To Wishlist: Free The People is a great e-commerce platform to check out for its wellness/vegan beauty products. Try this supplement that’s created from wild-crafted herbs, plants and minerals such as goji, pearl, schisandra for a holistic lifestyle change.

6. Beyond Phyto Aqua Cream, KRW64,500, + Add To Wishlist: Korea’s eco-friendly beauty brand Beyond has a slew of skincare products that are worth splurging on. This hypo-allergenic eco treatment moisture cream helps brighten skintone without leaving a sticky residue thanks to Agave extract and mineral-rich deep sea water.

7. Beyond Aqua Tinted Rouge, KRW10,000, + Add To Wishlist: Here’s a lip tint that can actually colour your lips without leaving any negative effects or discolouration. This rouge from Beyond has extracts of cranberry to infuse your lips with antioxidants and nutrients.

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