How to: Best tips on throwing the best themed movie night

Movie buffs and film fanatics, we all know how it feels like when a big-budget Hollywood flick has just been released and you’re planning to host a movie night / get-together at your place. Nothing screams fun as much as throwing your very own movie-inspired party, especially if it’s in a similar theme as the film you’ll be tuning into later that night. If you think that it would cost you and arm and leg just to foot the costs of actually hosting a party as such, you’d be surprised at how achievable it is – from the food and drinks you’ll be providing to the ultra cool setup within your living quarters.

Below, handy tips on what you should think of while planning a movie night that all your guests will never forget:

Decorate wisely


From the lighting to the seats, each step is crucial in ensuring that everyone’s comfortable enough to be engrossed in the movie you’re about to air. For the right type of ambience, string lights are a great choice just so everyone can see where the popcorn’s at without having to reach for the light switch. Also, why not make your string lights themed as well? These super cute BB8 lights from Target will be up your alley if you’re a major Star Wars fan. Oh Joy for Target’s collab is one nifty collection that you can source party supplies as well, including cushy pillows and fancy metallic lights that you (and your guests) would love. Or check out Dear Char’s guide to decorating for a pretty girly themed girl’s night.

Photo credits to Design Serendipity Interiors


Fill tummies along the way


Let’s be real – the best part of movie nights are always the snacks that you can stuff your face with in the midst of the film’s most suspenseful climax. Suffice to say that the more food and snacks prepped for the night, the better. And even if you’re a popcorn-for-movies-only person, who says plain ol’ salted popcorn is the only way to go? DIY popcorn bars are all the rage now, where you can mix and match candies alongside popcorn (don’t worry, this isn’t just an idea for kids’ parties.) Savoury snackers would love this super-easy, bite-sized pepperoni pizza ‘cupcakes’ as well. Drinks wise, there’s nothing as comforting as a mug of hot chocolate – here is one handy trick on how you can add some pizzazz to your regular hot choc recipe, since everyone generally gets starry-eyed over galaxy-inspired everything.

Photo credits to Brit + Co


Prep the specs


This is the fundamental of every movie night. If you haven’t thought of how you’d air the film/TV show on the night itself, arm yourself with a projector that’s efficient as it is brilliant since it’s not everyday that you’ve got a 65-inch TV sitting in your living room. We suggest Sony’s 4K Home Theater ES Projector that you can watch 1080p HD movies on (it actually has similar features found in high-end, professional 4K movie theaters), or if you’re operating on a budget, BenQ has a great alternative at the fraction of the price that also boasts full HD 1080p and 3D support.


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