The Art of Saving Money

Hi Shoppers, here’s a topic we all think everyone will be pretty interested in. How does one save money while shopping up a storm? Nope, this is not a contradiction, we are going to show you two ways in which you can save money:

(1) Shop overseas like a local

With the help of personal shoppers (aka introducing the Boxer to you) overseas, Shoppers are now able to shop as if they are locals in another country. The best way to save money and beat price discrimination is by shopping overseas. For instance, buy your Longchamp bag in France, the organic milk powder in Australia, the finest green tea from Japan, the breast pump and Nike shoes in the US… the list goes on, but you’re starting to see a trend here. Why pay $50 locally when you can get it for just $25 abroad?

  • Our Boxers are all locals who love shopping, and can point you to the best places to score even greater bargains πŸ™‚
  • With ShopandBox’s 3 day express shipping, you get all your shopping direct to your doorestep within the week!
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of keying in all your credit card and address details a million times only to be told that a US shop for instance will only accept a US issued credit card.

(2) Combine all your shopping into one shipment

Because we know what it’s like to want to shop up a storm but have to hold back due to the international shipping cost, ShopandBox has taken that pain point away. We all love shopping and don’t want a shopping spree to be marred by exhorbitant shipping. SO. Enter ourΒ absolutely free consolidation service. You can order items from 10 different stores, and our Boxers will help you combine all your shopping so that you just pay ONE international shipping fee. Coupled with our very competitive EXPRESS shipping fees that will get your box direct to your doorstep in 3 days, and you’re all set! Remember, the more you shop, the cheaper your ShopandBox service fee gets, so what’s holding you back?

Start shopping today!


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