Influencer Spotlight: Zena Khatib

If you’re a follower of all the popular Australia-based beauty-bloggers and makeup artists on Instagram, chances are you’d stumble upon Zena Khatib‘s enviable makeup stash in her marbled flatlays. But did you know that Zena also is a professionally trained makeup artist who also holds a degree in business? We had a little chat with the talented Sydney-based makeup artist and her favourite additions to her beauty kit as of late (the highly-raved Artis brush is one of them!)

1) Tell us more about yourself from a professional capacity.

At first I was a beauty blogger on Instagram, a makeup hoarder who would post all beauty related flatlays, product features and short reviews. I also had the passion researching and experimenting with products. Within time, I started applying makeup on friends and family for fun – it was like art to me to mix and play with colours.

So I started to take it seriously by watching YouTube videos and attending makeup classes and workshops. The more tips I learnt and practiced, the better I became. My passion even grew more so I decided to train at the Academy of Makeup in Melbourne and completed Certificate II in Retail Makeup and Skincare to gain more knowledge. I’ve been a qualified makeup artist since that 2015 till present, and am based in Sydney, Australia.


2) Why did you choose to become a makeup artist?

I was inspired by many makeup influencers and famous YouTubers’ work of art and creativeness, and art is one thing I loved since I was a kid. Becoming a makeup artist allows me to do what I love, and be creative.


3) Do you specialize in a certain sort of makeup look?

Yes, I like to focus on achieving a flawless, natural glam look while enhancing the features.


4) How do we contact you to make a booking for a makeup appointment?

For bookings and other enquiries contact through my email [email protected].
For social media Follow me on Instagram @zenakhatibmakeup, and Facebook at /zenakhatibmakeup


5) Tell us more about the ARTIS makeup brush and why you like it.

Artis brushes are made with CosmeFibre, an engineered fiber that’s created to easily apply makeup products flawlessly with no streaks, whether using liquids, creams or powders. I have the Artis Brush Oval 6 that can be used for applying foundation, eyeshadows, for contouring/highlighting, powder, and blush. It applies products like a dream and it also gives a natural, healthy finish.


6) When you reach for the ARTIS brush, what kind of look are you recreating with it?

When I want to achieve a full coverage with foundation and to contour/highlight. It blends everything seamlessly and gives a naturally defined, full-coverage look.


7) Any advice for aspiring makeup artists?

Never doubt or compare yourself to other makeup artists, just be confident and pursue what you love. I suggest signing up for makeup classes and workshops as the more techniques you pick up, the better you get at it. It’s really worth it. And never forget to practice, practice, and practice!


8) What are the top 3 must-haves that a makeup artist needs in her kit?

i. Beauty Blender is a MUST!
ii. Shu Uemura lash curler
iii. 217 M.A.C Cosmetics blending brush


9) What’s your favourite café or suburb in Sydney?

Pasticceria Papa has the best desserts and coffee.


10) Who do you follow on Instagram for great makeup tips, gorgeous flatlays, etc?

For makeup tips I love @makeupbymario & @gossmakeupartist, and for gorgeous flatlays definitely @thehanihanii & @fromsandyxo.


Watch Zena achieve a beautifully contoured look with the use of Artis Brush Oval 6  

Watch Zena Khatib in Action

For those who aren’t familiar with Artis brushes, here’s what you need to know about the latest makeup brushes taking the beauty world by storm that were created by  former senior vice president of M.A.C Cosmetics, Matthew Waitesmith.

Like Zena mentioned above, Artis brush fibers are made from hundreds of thousands of CosmeFibre, a patented man-made fiber that’s ultra soft and luxurious. The first unique brush of its type, its curved handle was designed exclusively for self-application instead of the traditional makeup brushes you get, which were designed for makeup artists to apply makeup onto another person.


Another great thing about it? It can pretty much blend any type of formula, especially cream which it does excellently. Instead of blending foundation in circular motions and strokes upon your face with your usual brushes, all you have to do is glide the brush head over the surface of your skin lightly and gently. Talk about an other-worldly beauty experience with this new HG makeup brush.

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