Top Picks from Kmart and Target Australia For An Insta-Worthy Home

Interior decorating can be a herculean and expensive assignment. It’s hard to design a comfy haven that is stylish yet functional without making it look like a soulless show room from IKEA. In this home and lifestyle edit, we make interior decorating a breeze by gathering the best home decor pieces from Kmart and Target Australia. And best of all, every item costs under 40 Aussie dollars, with prices starting from as low as AUD3!

So if you’re looking to give your crib a little update or on a mission for a complete overhaul, we’ve curated these trendy yet easy-to-steal home decorating ideas that don’t hurt your wallet.

Too good to be true? Scroll through for major interior decorating inspo and ShopandBox our favorite home and lifestyle picks with our friendly team of Australian Boxers.

For the Bedroom

Images via Target, Bargain Diaries, Honey and Fizz, Beautiful Things by Bec, Eye Spy Milkbar, Art Propelled

When redesigning the bedroom, subtle tweaks, like new bedside table pieces, cool lamps, hanging frames, or small yet stylish storage solutions, can make a dramatic difference.

We love how Melbournite product stylist Katy Thomas of The Eye Spy Milk Bar styles her bedroom with a neutral colour palette, paired with a statement print bedding. The addition of metal accents, such as mod lamps, instantly creates a polished look. Moreover, the combination of hard geo-shapes and soft textures, like faux fur pillows and throws, create a perfectly balanced zone.

While mum of three and interior design guru, Simone from Honey and Fizz, says a pop of colour is a simple yet overlooked decorating tip that can add brightness and life to any living space.

ShopandBox these beautifully stylish bedroom must-haves from Kmart and Target Australia:

  1. Black Linen Look Pom Pom Cushions, Target, AUD15, + Add to Wishlist
  2. Mirabella Vintage Filament Globe, Target, AUD10, + Add to Wishlist
  3. Pom Pom Throw – Charcoal, Target, AUD39 + Add to Wishlist
  4. Marble Quilt Cover Set, Target, AUD19, + Add to Wishlist
  5. Wellington Faux Fur Rug, Kmart, AUD15, + Add to Wishlist
  6. Luminoso Lamp, Kmart, AUD20, + Add to Wishlist
  7. Geo Pot Black, Kmart, AUD3, + Add to Wishlist
  8. Sea Grass Basket, Kmart, AUD12, + Add to Wishlist
  9. Round Metal Shelf, Kmart, AUD19, + Add to Wishlist
  10. Slanted Candle Holder, Kmart, AUD5, + Add to Wishlist
  11. Soy Wax Candle Refreshing Green Tea, Kmart, AUD9, + Add to Wishlist


For your Work Space

Images via  Eye Spy Milkbar, White and Wander, Kmart Forecast, Beautiful Things by Bec

You don’t have to spend a fortune when creating or updating your desk or work space. Whether you’re an entrepreneur working from home or just looking for a stylish space to ShopandBox online from—these chic home office and study space ideas are guaranteed to minimize procrastination, get your creative juices flowing, and excited to be productive.

Keep your little nook organised by installing peg boards and chalkboards to help minimise clutter. Modern and minimalist pieces and a stark white palette gives off a clean design that will help you keep focused. And a touch of nature, like a little terrarium vase with cute succulents is a low-maintenance way to incorporate a splash of sunshine and inspiration to work days.

ShopandBox our home office or study room essentials from Kmart Australia:

  1. Terra Vase, Kmart, AUD9, + Add to Wishlist
  2. Brass Round Wire Basket, Kmart, AUD10, + Add to Wishlist
  3. Peg Board with Wooden Shelves, Kmart, AUD29, + Add to Wishlist
  4. Madera Table Lamp, Kmart, AUD20, + Add to Wishlist
  5. Chalkboard Round, Kmart, AUD8, + Add to Wishlist
  6. Hexagon Shadow Box, Kmart, AUD5, + Add to Wishlist
  7. Lux Storage Box, Kmart, AUD5, + Add to Wishlist
  8. Hex Table Clock, Kmart, AUD4, + Add to Wishlist

For your Kid’s Room

Images via  Target, Four Cheeky Monkeys, Eye Spy Milkbar, Kmart

This kiddy bedroom edit showcases simple ways to use home decor in your little one’s living space to help spark their imagination and creativity. For instance, using bold and fun geometric shapes is a sure-fire way to liven up a kid’s bedroom or playroom and match your little one’s playful energy. We also love how interior design expert and fulltime mumma Vanessa Kettlewell of Four Cheeky Monkeys incorporates simple DIY projects, like wall hangings and light boxes, to add a little extra magic and uniqueness to her kid’s room.

Check out our goodies below for simple styling tips and tricks to create a fun, functional and stylish children’s room or nursery.

ShopandBox these interior decorating steals under AUD40 for an inspired kiddy room:

  1. Coral Fleece Printed Blanket, Target, AUD20, + Add to Wishlist
  2. Sleepy Head Quilt Cover Set, Target, AUD19, + Add to Wishlist
  3. Audrey Table Lamp, Target, AUD39, + Add to Wishlist
  4. Moody Splice Cushion, Kmart, AUD8, + Add to Wishlist
  5. Trinket Box, Kmart, AUD5, + Add to Wishlist
  6. Hanging Mobile, Kmart, AUD7, + Add to Wishlist
  7. Flag Explore the Wild Outdoors, Kmart, AUD5, + Add to Wishlist
  8. Novelty Blanket Mouse, Kmart, AUD6, + Add to Wishlist
  9. Light Box, Kmart, AUD7, + Add to Wishlist

For the Living Room

Images via Homes to Love, Eye Spy Milkbar, Citizens of Style,  Four Cheeky Monkeys

Is your living room in need of an update? These budget-friendly and easy-to-boot styling tips will reward you with a relaxing retreat.

Using cool hues paired with neutral palettes, with a focus on the subtle little details, is an effortless way to create a chic and cohesive aesthetic. Add another dimension to your living room by integrating soft textures—think chunky knit cushions, faux fur throws and fluffy woollen rugs. Similarly, a cool accent lamp, grid prints and geometric silhouettes tote a contemporary vibe. We also love the use of natural motifs, such as incorporating indoor house plants with a hanging planter or plant stand, to bring in the breezy outdoors while keeping it clean and mod.

Create a luxury living space on a budget with our picks from Kmart and Target Australia:

  1. Grey Grid Printed Cushion, Target, AUD5, + Add to Wishlist
  2. Hudson Wire Frame Side Table, Target, AUD15, + Add to Wishlist
  3. Adele Gold Desk Lamp, Target, AUD20, + Add to Wishlist
  4. Wire Basket Black, Target, AUD10, + Add to Wishlist
  5. Glass Vase – Matte Black, Kmart, AUD3, + Add to Wishlist
  6. Plant Stand, Kmart, AUD6, + Add to Wishlist
  7. Reversible Reindeer Faux Fur Throw, Kmart, AUD25, + Add to Wishlist
  8. Prism Terrarium, Kmart, AUD7, + Add to Wishlist



Featured image Kmart Australia


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