Our Favourite Korean Stationery Picks for 2018

With the New Year just weeks away, we have shortlisted these stunning stationery picks that you can ShopandBox from Korea right now and receive it before the year ends! Shop for yourself and your love ones for a well-planned and organized new year.

Diaries and Planners

  1. 2018 Days Collector DiaryPlepic, KRW19,800, + Add To Wishlist: This faux leather diary sure looks like a mini envelope clutch and it’s bound to complement any fashionista’s wardrobe! Available in 6 gorgeous colors, our personal picks would be the french brown and deep green.
  2. 2018 Aurore Book Planner, 1537, KRW12,000, + Add To Wishlist: If you love vibrant prints and colors, you’ll enjoy using this well-planned and illustrated planner. Available in 4 different theme covers with our favorite being #4 Original Me.
  3. PVC Planner CoverPrelude, KRW18,000, + Add To Wishlist: This bright neon ring cover is great if you enjoy using a huge planner. The pages insides are sold separately—perfect for you to pick and choose what you need or you can even find your own inserts as long as there are holes to fit into the rings.
  4. 2018 La Meinne Archives 365 Journal, Lucalab, KRW14,800, + Add To Wishlist: This hologram handbag sized planner is semi-waterproof because of the plastic cover with inner details to help you plan out by the year, months or by days—scroll down to have a look inside.


  1. My Page Notebook, BNTP, KRW1,500, + Add To Wishlist: Graphic lovers will adore this grid notebook that has fine details all over—from the front to the back and color blocking on the sides.
  2. Shiny Starlet Notebook SmallDayglow, KRW24,000, + Add To Wishlist: Draw or write your brilliant ideas into this shiny luxe artificial leather cover notebooks that are filled with premium 120g papers—because your thoughts are worth it!
  3. Multi Pocket Note, Thence, KRW12,000, + Add To Wishlist: This multi-pocket note is great for those who enjoy scrapbooking. Itt has plain pages and a pocket in front to hold your precious scrapping needs.
  4. Travel Note, Zeroperzero, KRW11,000, + Add To Wishlist: Finding a notebook that you can bring on your travels? This beautifully designed book not only spells your favorite country on the cover but there are 160 pages blank but exciting grid and colored pages to jot down your travel plans!


  1. 2018 Calendar C’est la vie, Dear Maison, KRW8,500, + Add To Wishlist: This is a calendar cum postcard—once the month has passed, you can cut out the image and use it as a postcard. Such a clever way to make sure the months will not be wasted!
  2. 2018 Wall calendarDailylike, KRW9,800, + Add To Wishlist: You can hang it as a wall calendar or rip it apart to stick it on it’s own.
  3. CBB calendar 2018, Circusboyband, KRW5,800, + Add To Wishlist: This is a clean graphic table calendar that comes with 2 pieces of 6- month calendar that you can either stick on your wall or insert into your planner.
  4. Dear movies standing calendar, Jam Studio, KRW7,200, + Add To Wishlist: Movie buffs, this calendar will tickle your fancy by testing your knowledge of movies every month!


  1. Multi holder, By.fulldesign, KRW3,000, + Add To Wishlist: Never lose your stationery again with this multi-holder that can be stuck on any surface!
  2. Pen hook clipsHightide, KRW6,000, + Add To Wishlist: If you want a bigger and luxe version, these hook clips are equally fantastic.
  3. Triple colour pen, Iconic, KRW3,000, + Add To Wishlist: Why bring around 1 color pen when you can have 3 in 1—these retro flower motifs are made for the old school lovers.
  4. Ryan pen, Kakao Friends, KRW3,500, + Add To Wishlist: There’s one design for every Kakao Friends fan/stationery lover you know.


  1. Monstera stamp, Stamp House, KRW12,000, + Add To Wishlist: Monstera has been such an iconic plant this year and it looks like it’s going to stay evergreen. If you are a fan of Monstera, you can now stamp it everywhere you desire!
  2. CBB stampCircusboyband, KRW5,000, + Add To Wishlist: CBB is a local illustrator that draws up quirky motifs and now turns them into stamps. There are many options you can choose from and our picks would be the #2 shopping cart and #13 ice shaver because we do live to shop and eat.
  3. Plant stamp, Moi Natural, KRW4,500, + Add To Wishlist: Continuing with bringing some life into your dairy/planner, here are some potted plants to keep the zen flow going.
  4. Gradation pigment ink pad, Stampmama, KRW5,000, + Add To Wishlist: Stamping would not be possible without ink pads and this gradation pad will certainly up your stamping game.

Masking Tapes

  1. Unicorn masking tape, Dailylike, KRW2,400, + Add To Wishlist: Dailylike has one of the most selections for self-made masking tapes, take a pick from their various designs.
  2. KBP masking tapekittybunnypony, KRW3,000, + Add To Wishlist: Kittybunnypony is another local brand that’s famous for their graphic goods, their masking tape designs have their bold and quirky outlook.
  3. Urgent/Danger masking tape, C’salt, KRW3,500, + Add To Wishlist: C’salt are quite new in the market and although their selections are few, they sure have designs that will fit right into your planners.
  4. Brown masking tape, Line Friends, KRW3,500, + Add To Wishlist: Stick it onto your Polaroid films or journal to add that much needed dose of cuteness! Made in Japan selections are also available along with their Made in Korea masking tapes.


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