3 Fun Lego-Inspired Items For Your Kid


If your kid is the sort who can’t resist anything in the form of Lego, today’s post is one guide you need for an advance birthday gift for him/her. We’ve rounded up three fun Lego-inspired items that you can ShopandBox for yourself with the help of our Boxers — from customisable mini Lego figurines (that look like you), to super cool smartwatches that are made for kids:

Brick Yourself Personalised Mini Figurines


Brick Yourself Mini Figurines, Firebox, £29.99, + Add To Wishlist: What’s better than a Lego toy that isn’t any typical character you can find in departmental stores? A mini figurine that looks like you (or anyone your kid idolises), obviously. Firebox’s Brick Yourself Mini Figurines are what you need if you love customisable options — especially so when it’s anything Lego related. All you gotta do is upload a picture of the desired person to customise based on, add a bunch of words beneath (alongside some hobbies and facts), and there you have it — a mini Lego figurine to match any identity you want to. Even if it means you can create the most out-of-this-world Lego i.e. replacing hands with claws etc. Your figurine comes in a frame, too!


Brick Yourself Key Ring


Brick Yourself Keyring, Firebox, £19.99, + Add To Wishlist: If framing your figurine up is too cliché for you, try putting it on a key ring to make sure it’s a worthy memento that you can gift your loved ones — even your kids. Similar to the Brick Yourself Mini Figurine above, upload a photo with a few descriptive details and your one-off yellow brick Keyring will be personalised to a tee!


Omate x Nanoblock


Nanoblock, Omate, USD179, + Add To Wishlist: Keep your kid’s safety in check with a special smartwatch that looks just like a specialised Lego collectible. Omate’s collaboration with Japanese toy maker Nanoblock has resulted in a kids smartwatch equipped with security features, including SOS alerts, two-way voice and video chatting and location tracking among the many. Alongside that, it also has a three-day long battery life, an alarm, stopwatch, pedometer, and a front-facing camera as well. The safety part comes via a location tracker inside the device that pinpoints your kids’ whereabouts with the help of GPS, cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots.


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Featured image: The Verge

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