#ShoppersPicks: Exclusive (and Personalised) Louis Vuitton Luggage Tags

Louis Vuitton luggage tag

When it comes to owning a luxury bag or accessory, there’s nothing as exclusive as a personalised touch. In the case of French luxury house Louis Vuitton, it is by way of the luggage tags that come with a hot stamping option. This personalisation service is available to all clients in the maison’s boutiques across the globe, and can be used on other small leather goods apart from luggage tags, including wallets, passport covers and more.

The hot stamping services offer a range of colours, letters, sizes and layouts that you can explore for your customisation needs. For some countries, you can even get exclusive characters that are location-specific, including Chinese characters in Hong Kong, a Kiwi bird in New Zealand, and Merlion in Singapore.

One of our Shoppers from Norway, Kathleen, is an avid collector of all things Louis Vuitton, especially these personalised luggage tags—her envy-inducing stash read as #goals in our bag-loving books. We had a chat with her recently on her newfound passion and what you need to know about this hot stamping option:

1. How do you find out which country offers what type of specific hot stamping service?

I joined a Facebook group for Louis Vuitton enthusiasts and found a list of which countries offered location stamps and exclusive stamps. I also check Instagram and the Purse forum regularly to see if there are new location or special stamps available that I can get.

2. Tell us more about your interest in Louis Vuitton luggage tags — why and how did your passion for it grow?

My passion for Louis Vuitton Luggage tags started when I first joined the Facebook group at the end of March this year. Prior to that I had no idea one could purchase tags individually, and a lot of sellers in the group were selling different coloured tags and some with stamps on. My first purchase was actually a red Louis Vuitton luggage tag with the maple leaf (stamped in Canada). After that it became an addiction, especially when it came to collecting special location tags.


3. Why did you choose to use ShopandBox to get these tags? Is it not available where you are at?

I found that the tags being sold on the group was way more expensive, so I started searching for personal shopping services. I found ShopandBox on my first search, and it looked professional and secure. My first purchase was luggage tag with the Australia stamp on. Purchasing tags individually is not possible in my country (Norway) and in some of the countries I used ShopandBox for, but we always manage to find a solution. Some of the tags I have are pre-loved. My Boxer and I will scour online for pre-loved tags, then he/she will buy it for me and get it hot stamped before shipping it my way. While some might think it is inconvenient and too much of a hassle, it’s definitely worth it to me.

4. How has your experience with ShopandBox been?

I have had a couple of orders with ShopandBox, and my experience has been excellent! It’s relatively safe and the communication with the Boxers have been great. I have had very good Boxers that I would love to work with again. I will definitely use ShopandBox if there are any new location stamps that are very far away from where I am.


5. What is your favourite Louis Vuitton luggage tag that you have ShopandBoxed, and why?

I am still waiting for three tags—one from Taiwan and two from New Zealand. It’s so hard to pick a favourite because I love all of my tags that I shopped from ShopandBox. They’re all very special, so all of them are my favourite. I do find the goat head more special than the others as I haven’t seen it anywhere else.


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