These Are Our 4 Favourite Pumpkin Pie Recipes From Pinterest


It’s that time of the year again, where everything takes on a pumpkin spice flavour and your Pinterest board is swamped by tonnes of pumpkin pie recipes and the like. In case you’ve caught on to the pumpkin spice obsession, check out 20 things you can get this season, from pumpkin spice hand creams to popcorn.

But for those who are more on the crafty side and happen to be avid cooks/bakers, whip up a storm this fall season with a few of the more popular pumpkin pie recipes on Pinterest. Now you know what dessert you’ll be serving your guests this season.

pumpkin pie re

Image credits to Live Well Bake Often, Little Sweet Baker 

If the hallmark of a great pumpkin pie is an excellent crust (in your books), take a look at Live Well Bake Often’s pumpkin pie recipe here. The recipe offers plenty of insight on making the best homemade pie crust along with tips on how to not overbake your pie. But if you’re all about the cream toppings, try Little Sweet Baker’s pumpkin pie that features a decadent salted caramel whipped cream topping (recipe here). All you need is just a hint of toffee to get your tastebuds tingling.


best pumpkin pie recipe

Image credits to The Gold Lining Girl, Sweet Peas and Saffron

Those who prefer easier recipes that you can follow that won’t take up too much time, try The Gold Lining Girl’s no-bake double layer pumpkin pie. The recipe will only take you a speedy 10 minutes to whip it up, plus it’s a lighter bite than a traditional pie that’s more filling. For an unconventional twist, try out Sweet Peas and Saffron’s bourbon pumpkin pie salted brown butter pecan streusel. If that doesn’t sound absolutely drool-worthy to you, we don’t know what is. Try out her recipe this holiday season for your guests—they’d definitely come back for more.

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pumpkin pie recipe

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