Price Compare: Audio Accessories by Beoplay, Bowers & Wilkins and more

Beoplay headphones

When it comes to soaking up the sounds of a good tune, a good pair of headphones and/or speaker can take you far. Audio accessories come in a variety of price ranges—but we always vouch for investing in a well-made, quality headphone and speaker. Why waste extra money on a speaker that has a scratchy (or pitchy) sound quality that you might chuck in a couple of months, when you can spend good money on something that will last you for years?

If you can’t find a good audio accessory to up your sound game, glean information from today’s price comparison. We explore high-end speakers and headphones from three major brands: Beoplay, Bowers & Wilkins, and Master & Dynamic:


Beoplay A1

Beoplay Bowers & WilkinsLooking for a speaker handy enough to slip into your pocket, yet hardy enough that you don’t have to worry about scratching it? Go for Beoplay’s A1 speaker—made of aluminium grill and a polymer base that’s splash and dust-resistant. This nifty speaker weighs a lightweight 600g and is practically made to weather through various situations (including bumps and scrapes).

Specs wise, it boasts the brand’s ambient True360 sound for excellent sound dispersion; peak power of 2x140W; and up to 24hours of battery life. It is also equipped with a microphone for easy speech recognition—which means you can use it for Apple’s Siri and Google Now voice commands. ShopandBox this beauty from USA to garner savings of more than USD50* especially if you are a Malaysia-based Shopper!

Beoplay A1 SpeakerBeoplay, USD243.49, + Add To Wishlist


Bowers & Wilkins P7

Beoplay, Bowers & Wilkins Beoplay, Bowers & Wilkins

A pair of headphones can serve as an accessory to complement your workspace, ensemble and more. Those who are looking for audio accessories to fit their lifestyle (and aesthetics) can try out Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphones. A first glance at this stunner and you’d know it’s made for the stylish audiophile.

The P7 headphones come with leather pads that ensure there’s a consistent volume of air around the drive units. This improves stereo imaging and allows for a more immersive sound experience. The speaker baskets are vented for precise airflow, and is made of damping materials that prevent resonance and distortion. Globetrotters will be glad to know that you can fold this in a neat design for convenience, not to mention its ear pads won’t make your ears feel uncomfortable throughout long listening sessions. ShopandBox it from USA for plenty of savings, as you can see in the table above.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 HeadphonesBowers & Wilkins, USD349.99, + Add To Wishlist


Master & Dynamic MH40

Beoplay, Bowers & Wilkins Beoplay, Bowers & Wilkins

If you’re looking for something that combines form and functionality, take on Master & Dynamic MH40 headphones. Made of heavy grain premium cowhide (for the exterior and ear cup inserts), its forged aluminium body is designed for decades of use. Lambskin memory foam ear pads offer comfort and breathability, along with easy cleaning/replacement. Spot its sleek heavy duty woven cables on both sides of the headphones, constructed from copper to minimise noise; and custom 45mm neodymium drivers for an expansive sound.

For this statement headphones, Shoppers based in Malaysia can save almost USD300 on the base price by ShopandBoxing it from USA. Or better yet, consolidate your package by ShopandBoxing these three audio accessories for your friends/family members to make the most out of your shipping fees!

Master & Dynamic MH40 Leather Over-Ear Headphones, Master & Dynamic, USD399, + Add To Wishlist


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Featured image: Bowers & Wilkins

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