Price Comparison: BabyZen Yoyo+ Stroller

Yummy mummies who are on-the-go and can’t find a stroller that’s lightweight enough to bring bubs out, today’s price comparison is tailored for you in mind!

Foldable stroller suitable for travel

Imagine a stroller that you can convert from a hand-carry (akin to a bag) to a regular stroller with one hand – all without having to sit your baby elsewhere while doing so. Sounds far-fetched? This does exist, in the form of BabyZen’s Yoyo+ Stroller! A compact, foldable stroller that weighs between 6.2-6.6 kg, the Yoyo+ fits the requirements of a carry-on hand luggage in a plane, making it super easy for you to travel with your baby without burdening you with extra weight. When we mentioned that it can be switched with one hand, we also forgot to mention that you can actually steer the stroller with one hand as well, thanks to its nifty 4-wheel suspension that works on most ground conditions.

The Yoyo+ comes with a flat carry cot for infants, and in case you were wondering about getting a new stroller again once bubs turns six months, all you have to do is swap the o+ fabrics with the 6+ version on the same frame. The Yoyo+ backrest can be inclined to different degrees and also has comfy padding with a 5-point for your baby to be securely and comfortably strapped in. And just in case there’s a nappy accident in the stroller, you can detach the fabrics and toss it in the machine for a good wash!

Here’s a quick snippet of how you can transform the BabyZen Yoyo+ from a hand-carry to a stroller in seconds:

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How much does the Babyzen Yoyo+ Stroller cost?


How much will international shipping cost?

The stroller weighs approximately 13lbs/6kg but since the volumetric weight of the stroller (22lbs/10kg) will be taken into account during international shipping, this means you have approximately 4kg worth of weight to play with (i.e. you can add in another 4kg worth of items into those nooks and crannies in your stroller box at no extra shipping cost!).

You’ll be paying no more than 48 USD for 3 day express shipping from the US to Singapore and Hong Kong for a 10kg parcel. For other countries, please look at our shipping calculator and don’t hesitate to ask your Boxer for tips and tricks on fully optimizing your international shipping!

Some great picks to add into your box include baby apparel (Carter’s and Osh Kosh have ultra cute babywear), changing pads, organic and natural bath and body products and more.

How good is it really?

For those who are still skeptical, check out a review by Made For Mums on how the BabyZen Yoyo+ fared in their books. Add this to your wishlist now to start shopping!

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*Prices of item and shipping rates accurate to the best of our knowledge as of 20/09/2016.

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