Price Comparison: Dyson Handheld Vacuum

Have you every wondered why Dyson‘s vacuum cleaners are highly raved by users? Hint: It has a lot to do with its bagless concept.

Back in 1978, James Dyson created a bagless vacuum cleaner after he got frustrated over his personal vacuum’s performance. The beauty about all Dyson products is that it doesn’t just look pretty/high-tech, plenty of R&D goes behind each product – all done in the headquarters in England.

If you don’t want to gift your mum the usual things this Mother’s Day, why not present her with a Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner? We took a look at the DC58/61 (both are identical models but given two different names for retail in different areas around the world) and here’s why we think it’ll make a great Mother’s Day gift:

  • It is fitted with the latest powerful V6 Dyson Digital motor that operates on up to 110,000 rotations every minute – this means that it turns 3x faster than other ‘conventional’ motors
  • The handheld operates on two separate suction modes: Standard (28 Air Watts) and Boost (100 Air Watts, incidentally 50% more powerful than the brand’s previous handheld vacuum model)
  • It has the two-tier radial root cyclone which is also the most advanced cyclone technology to date, and has a newly-reengineered battery that supplies 1.5x more power than the previous model
  • How long can you use it without having to recharge? 5.5 solid hours 
  • The DC58/61 Animal model comes with a pet motorised tool to pick up pet hair more effectively
  • It has a bagless bin system and is transparent – no more opening it and replacing dust-filled vacuum bags or loss of suction that comes with the buildup of dust
  • Its bin capacity is 0.4L and weighs 1.57kg; its dimensions are 20.6 x 14 x 39.5 cm

If the technical talk doesn’t quite convince you to get this for mum just yet, sneak a peek below to find out how much you can save by ShopandBoxing it from a certain country:


The Dyson DC58/61 is much more affordable to get it from the USA compared to buying it from your own country if you reside in either of these countries – we’re talking savings of more than USD200 if you’re a Shopper from Malaysia.

Just a heads up: ShopandBoxing this now will give you enough time for the product to reach your doorstep by Mother’s Day. Add this to your wishlist now!


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