Price Comparison: Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon

Did you know that Longchamp has sold more than 30 million Le Pliage Nylon tote bags since the brand launched it more than 20 years ago? We aren’t surprised – not when the French brand’s ultra popular pliable tote has been graced on the arms of celebrities and the like. Its charm is evident: Where else can you find a light, foldable, flexible bag that you can bring along for travelling, work, study, etc?

Despite how seemingly simple the Le Pliage Nylon is, the design team took three years to perfect the construction and look. As a way to keep the bag current with customers, Longchamp has collaborated with a slew of designers and artists to reinvent the Le Pliage Nylon. Bold, eye-catching designs from Moschino’s Jeremy Scott, Mary Katrantzou, and even Kate Moss have been sold worldwide online and in-stores. This has also resulted in more than 150 colours and motifs of the Le Pliage Nylon.

This bag is easy to love for a few good reasons: It’s handy and comes in either a shoulder bag or hand-carry tote (depending on its handles), and its simplistic designs/colours make for a versatile accessory to pair with outfits. We love the Travel version that expands easily with just unzipping it according to the size you prefer.

To coincide with our French-themed shopping guide this week, we compared the prices of four different Le Pliage Nylon bags to find out where you can ShopandBox these for less:


The Le Pliage Nylon Backpack (Add To Wishlist) is a convenient alternative to its shoulder/hand-carry version if you prefer an even distribution of weight across your shoulders. Plus it makes a cute accessory to have as well. Shoppers in USA can save up to EUR39 just by ShopandBoxing this from France!


The Large Travel Bag (Add To Wishlist) is a sizeable tote to lug, making it multipurpose and for all occasions.


The Small handbag (Add To Wishlist) is one of our favourites as well! Its pint size makes it very favourable for us ladies who have petite frames and prefer not to carry a large heavy bag.


If you’re wondering about the difference between the Le Pliage Large Travel Bag and Travel Bag, the former doesn’t come with three zips to expand and adjust the size, while the latter does. The Travel bag (Add To Wishlist) also costs a little more compared to the Large Travel Bag, at EUR135 – which you can save if you’re located in any of these countries (almost EUR100 savings if you’re from the USA!)

ShopandBox these multifunctional tote bags from France now to garner more savings than purchasing it from your residing country – after all, its intergenerational appeal makes it a perfect gift for mum, daughter, sister, and aunt!


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