10 Superfood beauty products your skin will love you for

Superfoods aren’t just made for your digestive tract. The latest beauty trend we’re crushing on is one that’s taking the advantages of superfoods to a whole new level. If you aren’t riding high on the superfood wave (read: kale has never found its place in your pantry), just know that there are other ways to incorporate its benefits to your body. Superfood skincare products are now on the rise, from kale facial cleanser to quinoa moisturiser, so take your pick from below’s list to imbue a youthful radiance to your complexion:

Superfood skincare

  1. Matcha Toner, Milk, USD26, + Add To Wishlist: Milk’s solid toner (the world’s first) is imbued with green tea—just about the most potent source of antioxidants for your skin. Its gel formula glides on easily, and has ingredients such as kombucha and witch hazel to tighten pores and absorb excess oil.
  2. Quinoa Moisturiser, Cowshed, GBP32, + Add To Wishlist: Quinoa is well known for its abundance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids that are helpful in combating free radicals skin along with its moisturising properties. For those with normal or combination skin, this quinoa cream will clarify your complexion  Perfect for normal or combination skin, the lightly textured cream is also enriched with essential oils of Geranium to help clarify the complexion and Chamomile to soothe.
  3. Hello FAB Vital Greens Face Mist, First Aid Beauty, USD18, + Add To Wishlist: Survive the summer heat with this cooling facial mist that nourishes your skin while setting makeup, thanks to a blend of fortifying green superfoods such as kale and spinach.
  4. Superfood Facial Oil, Elemis, USD72, + Add To Wishlist: A combination of broccoli, flax seed and daikon radish makes this oil highly effective in leaving your skin smooth and radiant to boot.
  5. Patting Water Pack Rejuvenating Purple Berry, Blithe, KRW38,000, + Add To Wishlist: Don’t have time to pamper your skin as much (or often) as you want to? Try splash masks—a 15-second ritual you can do at home for a quick glow. A concentrated blend of lactic acid and botanical extracts help speed up the skin re-texturising process for a more youthful effect.
  6. Noni Glow Body Oil, Kora, USD58, + Add To Wishlist: Miranda Kerr’s skincare brand has recently introduced this body oil that combines Noni extract, rosehip and sunflower seed oils. Its properties include cell rejuvenation, lasting hydration and minimising the appearance of stretch marks.
  7. Aesthetic Multi Box, MD’s Pick, KRW13,477, + Add To Wishlist: This multi-pack rubber mask consists of five variations—all of which include potent active ingredients such as goji berry, ginger extract, licorice and pennywort to calm irritated skin.
  8. Black Tea Firming Corset Cream, Fresh, USD95, + Add To Wishlist: This cream is called “Firming Corset Cream” for a reason—it works to give a more lifted and defined appearance for your complexion. Active ingredients including a black tea complex that has kombucha and lychee seed extract to protect skin from free radicals, and goji fruit extract to improve firmness.
  9. Age Prevention Cleanser, Youth to the People, USD36, + Add To Wishlist: An effective face cleanser goes a long way in keeping your skin fresh and clean. Get rid of dirt and toxins with this nutrient-rich cleanser that has kale, spinach and green tea for that fountain-of-youth glow.
  10. The Super Blend, Maya Chia, USD105, + Add To Wishlist: Before you think twice upon seeing the price tag, just know that this pressed serum multi-correctional moisture concentrate has ingredients such as antioxidant-rich astaxanthin, chia, vitamin C and a handful of other anti-ageing additives to make you look young again.


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