10 Wedding Party Gifts You Can ShopandBox from Korea

Wedding season is in the air and there is nothing more lovely than showing your wedding party a token of your appreciation by gifting them with something special. We did the research, asked around and here are some gift ideas from local Korean brands that your wedding party is guaranteed to love. Best of all, we’ve got options for both men and women so that no one feels excluded.

Bridal party gifts for him

  1. Unisex SocksSocks Appeal, KRW12,000, + Add To Wishlist
    Socks Appeal is like the Happy Socks of Korea with a wide range of fun illustrated socks that are reasonably priced and well-made. Sizes are available for a better fit.
  2. Stickery Initial Key RingMonday Edition, KRW48,000, + Add To Wishlist
    Initial items add personalisation and this brass key ring is a fancy one with cowhide strap and initials plated in 18k gold.
  3. Car Air Freshner SetSoohyang, KRW30,000, + Add To Wishlist
    Car accessories are big with most boys and one hit is car fresheners. Soohyang’s latest offering is a car freshner with the scent of choices of “Sleep Well” and “Champagne Supernova” packaged in her signature pink.
  4. Tea Infuser Tumblerelevenplus x Sticky Monster Lab Bottle, KRW35,000, + Add To Wishlist
    Sticky Monster Lab has quite an international following and this range is a collaboration with another local brand called elevenplus. So if your pals are big on drinking tea, this tea infuser tumbler is a really one of a kind gift. Watch this video to see how it functions.
  5. Ducky UmbrellaDucky Umbrella, KRW19,800, + Add To Wishlist
    It’s hard to find an umbrella that is gift-worthy. But this particular duck design pairs well even if you are donning a business suit yet casual enough for vacations. Your friends will surely thank you when it pours.

Bridal party gifts for her

  1. Green Mineral Bath Saltsoosoosolsol, KRW12,000, + Add To Wishlist
    Made from plant extracts and natural salt, this bath salt soak will give your girls the ultimate relaxation after a long day attending to you (the queen bride).
  2. Candle and Diffuser SetSoohyang, KRW112,000, + Add To Wishlist
    Soohyang is pretty much the best brand to go for thanks to its unique scent and branding. So if you are considering candles, this would be the ultimate set as it is beautifully packed in millenial pink!
  3. Tea SetOsulloc, KRW38,000, + Add To Wishlist
    Osulloc has a green tea flavor called “Wedding” and it is one of my personal favorites but if you are looking for other varieties, this 4 flavour pack (20 sachets in total) pick would make a great introduction to one of Korea’s top green tea brands.
  4. Initial Pearl RingMonday Edition, KRW21,000, + Add To Wishlist
    If you are looking for something personalized, this initial pearl ring from Monday Edition is a chic go-to. The pearls are screwed directly (no worries about it falling off) to the 18k gold plated brass ring, plus it’s an adjustable ring so it will fit most fingers.
  5. Multi PerfumeGranhand, KRW30,000, + Add To Wishlist
    This multifunctional perfume from Granhand can be used as a body spray, air freshener and fabric spray. They are also able to stamp on names/initials onto the bottle for that personalized touch! Some of their popular scents are Marine Vacth (top notes of Mandarin, Pear, Lemon) , Ester Dean (top notes of Black Currant, Grapefruit) and their latest is Lily Owen (top notes of Grapefruit, Wild Strawberry).

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Featured image: Soohyang.

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