4 Wooden Toy Brands From Germany We Love

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Ever considered switching your child’s toy stash for wooden toys now? Compared to the usual plastic and synthetically-produced materials, wooden toys have the upper hand for a few good reasons. Wood is a natural material, and is particularly long-lasting and more durable than plastic toys. Almost unbreakable, wooden toys are great for babies and younger kids. Not to mention, it is more sustainable than any other material in the market.

Below, we compiled four German brands you can ShopandBox wooden toys from:


wooden toy germanywooden toy germany

One of the biggest toy retailers in Germany, myToys has a wide variety of play things your tot will absolutely love. Check out this section to ShopandBox the house brand’s wooden toys, from musical instruments to workbenches.

  1. Big Game Center, myToys, EUR39.99, + Add To Wishlist: While this looks complicated to boot, your lil one might enjoy the vivid colours and 6 different shaped blocks. The cube comes with 19 colourful beads for easy learning as well.
  2. Ring Throwing Game, myToys, EUR7.99, + Add To Wishlist: Nothing beats a good ol’ ring toss game that you can play on the ground or on a table. Best part? It is easy and safe to build, and you can dismantle the throwing cross to be kept without taking excessive space.
  3. Wooden Workbench, myToys, EUR24.99, + Add To Wishlist: Your kid will love you all the more with this workbench that comes with all the nitty gritty elements including nuts, bolts, hammers, screwdrivers and more.
  4. Wooden Ball Track Dog and Cat, myToys, EUR39.99, + Add To Wishlist: Improve your kid’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination with this cute track game that they can play while standing.
  5. Viking Game, myToys, EUR9.99, + Add To Wishlist: This competitive game requires two teams to try ‘throwing’ down each wooden block until the king (right in the middle) falls. Made of light birch wood, it’s great for any garden or pool party to keep kids entertained.



wooden toy germanywooden toy germany

Tausenkind offers an impressive inventory of wooden toys from multiple brands, including Hape, Djeco, Haba and more. Take your pick from vanity cases (that look incredibly realistic) to railway tracks — perfect for gifting and more.

  1. Bloomingville Wooden Rattle, Tausenkind, EUR8.5, + Add To Wishlist: What’s an easy breezy way to distract bub from anything? A rattle, of course. This timeless toy is revamped in a lovely blue hue by Bloomingville that your kid will be enamoured by.
  2. Hape Rainmacher Rattle, Tausenkind, EUR10.9, + Add To Wishlist: This unique rattle has many pearls to induce the sounds of rain to wow kids over. Plus, it comes in an anatomical shape for easy grasping.
  3. Hape Pulling Shape Skill Set, Tausenkind, EUR29.9, + Add To Wishlist: How cute is this snail-shaped pull toy? This 5-part wood cart comes with a removable snail shell so it can be dragged sans the colourful wood blocks.
  4. Djeco Hahn Tapping Game, Tausenkind, EUR28.3, + Add To Wishlist: While it looks relatively simple, this knocking game helps train motor skills alongside memory, coordination and concentration. Use a hammer to knock 2 colourful balls through holes behind the chicken—if successful, the chicken then lays an egg!
  5. Hape Railway Transfer & Crane Set, Tausenkind, EUR49.99, + Add To Wishlist: Talking about distracting toys, let your kid aka train fan have a very own wooden railway set to stimulate his/her imagination.



wooden toy germanywooden toy germany

Founded in 1991 by Hartmut Eichinger, Erzi is recognised globally for its quality teaching and learning resources made from wood for playing, learning and moving. Apart from the conventional track and board games, Erzi also offers smaller toys that mimic real-life items such as fruits and vegetables.

  1. Balancing Game BeeErzi, EUR49.95, + Add To Wishlist: This balancing game comes with two steel balls that can be wounded in simple to complex loops—ideal for developing concentration and motor skills.
  2. Happy Stacking BoardErzi, EUR24.95, + Add To Wishlist: Here is an easy way to guide your child to detect and name shapes and colours. This stacking board comes in four different shapes and colours that can be stacked or assembled.
  3. Learning Box Fruit and VegetablesErzi, EUR119, + Add To Wishlist: Start ’em young by encouraging manual and visual coordination with this fruit & vegetable learning box.
  4. Educational Game Lowercase LettersErzi, EUR23.95, + Add To Wishlist: Let your kid learn the alphabet easily with this educational game that they can trace with a stylus, or outlining then cutting them out. Best part? The tactile feel of these wooden plates also makes them useful for kids with special educational needs.
  5. Team Ball TrackErzi, EUR49.95, + Add To Wishlist: This isn’t your average track set. This set actually encourages team work—the long track needs to be assembled by a few players to keep the wooden balls rolling from one point to the next. Talk about working on the powers of concentration as well!



wooden toy germanywooden toy germany

One resource to check out to stimulate your child’s motor and social skills is Howa, a toy store that offers all sorts of wooden toys including dressing tables, cash registers, doll houses, toolboxes and more to promote his/her technical understanding and creativity.

  1. Wooden Kids Excavator 5900Howa, EUR29.95, + Add To Wishlist: This excavator is more than meets the eye. Made of high-quality hardwood, it comes with a cab that can be swivelled 360 degrees along with a movable excavator arm. Also, fret not as its child-proof lacquer is sweat- and saliva-proof as well.
  2. Doll’s Changing Table “Butterfly” 27401Howa, EUR54.95, + Add To Wishlist: Your kid will be delighted with this changing table for her dolls. It comes with a changing table, utensil basket, clothes hanger and even a mirror.
  3. Wooden Activity Cube “Little World” 6001Howa, EUR69.95, + Add To Wishlist: This all-in-one activity cube promotes dexterity, spatial perception, motor skills and logical thinking in your child. Its features include 6 magnetic shapes, gears and ball track, and motor skills ribbon among many.
  4. Doll’s House with Furniture and 4 Dolls 70041Howa, EUR59.95, + Add To Wishlist: Make your child’s dream come true with this impressive dollhouse that comes with 4 rooms, a balcony, playground and elevator. Not to mention—a whopping 22 pieces of furniture and 4 bending dolls to fill up the rooms.
  5. Kid’s Toolbox with Tools 4901Howa, EUR34.95, + Add To Wishlist: Recommended for kids aged five and above, this toolbox is equipped with 32 tools to build his/her living skills effortlessly.


More wooden toy brands we love:

Ernsting‘s family
Die Spiegelburg
Zapf Creation with Baby Born
Kinder Em-Eukal

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