ShopandBox Global Shopping Redefined

I would like to use ShopandBox for some amazing sales – how do I get what I want?

ShopandBox know how manic it gets during an epic sale period and we aim to prepare our Boxers for the upcoming marathon. Sale periods may mean limited item availability, time sensitive discounts or fluctuating prices based on demand.

To make sure you get the best out of these sale periods, make sure you create an Order to be assigned a Boxer. Communication is very important so speak to your Boxer to set expectations.

We require Shoppers to make payment for the full price (Recommended Retail Price) of all Order items (in Invoice #1) so that Boxers can focus on shopping during this busy period. Make sure to discuss price tolerance / range with your Boxer.

Other things to discuss may include:

  • Size ranges or colour substitutes;
  • How much time your Boxer will spend on trying to get your items;
  • Whether your Boxer will be required to be lining up in store, or waking up early / staying up late to make online purchases;
  • Any Shopper Boxer Negotiated Fee for Boxer time, effort and/or transportation

Sale periods are always an exciting period so keep in mind that your assigned Boxer do have their own personal schedules and time zones.

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