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    • Cost of items

      With ShopandBox the cost of your items can entirely be determined by you as Shoppers can tell their Boxers exactly which stores they want their items purchased from. There is never any mark up on pricing or profit on the actual cost of items. Note certain countries apply domestic sales tax to the cost items outside of the actual item price, and certain stores can charge a domestic shipping fee. To get the best bang for buck we highly recommend purchasing items across multiple stores. Your Boxer will then simply consolidate all items into one box for you once everything has arrived and figure out the most cost effective and secure way to package your items ready for international shipping. Consolidation of your items is FREE and Boxers take pride in ensuring they put a smile on your face once your box reaches your doorstep!

      Before you send Invoice 1, your Boxer will attempt to estimate the international shipping cost of your order based on the number of items in your order using any publically available item weight and dimensional information. Sometimes, they already know the weight details as they’ve purchased the item before for another Shopper. Unfortunately there is no crystal ball, so remember this is an educated guesstimation! You can also use the ShopandBox Shipping Calculator to view our awesome shipping rates!

      Once you send the money for Invoice 1 to your Boxer, this allows them to start shopping for you.

    • International Shipping and Service Fee

      Once all items have arrived, your Boxer will provide you with international shipping options. We partner exclusively with DHL Express Global 1-3 Business Days Shipping for a number of Shopper and Boxer country lanes with truly unbeatable rates. Rest assured if DHL is not one of our shipping lanes for your country, your Boxer can always provide you with a options using their local post office and/or if you want your box faster, they can offer FedEx Rates (upon request). A lot of our Shoppers ask about how international shipping chargeable weight is determined for DHL and FedEx. There are only two things you need to know, actual weight (e.g. using a weighing scale) and volumetric weight (based on the dimensions of your box), are taken into consideration. The greater of the two determines your international shipping fee and is also known as the chargeable weight.

      The ShopandBox Service fee is the money you send over to your Boxers to compensate them for their time and effort in helping you shop for your items, take photos of your items, package your items, and get it shipped off to your doorstep! Please remember Boxers are real people who lead normal lives outside of ShopandBox and are kind souls looking to help Shoppers like you obtain items from around the world.

      Once you send the money for Invoice 2 to your Boxer, they will ship off your items!


    Shoppers are solely responsible for any tax and duties determined by their country which is applicable upon delivery of their items in their respective countries. For more information please refer to this duty calculator