25 Pawsome Things for Cat Lovers

So you’re a huge cat lover and not ashamed to say that you’re a sucker for all things cat-related – from Pusheen plushies to even cat-motif mugs that you make your morning cuppa Joe in. You’re just in luck for a treat this week: Boxer AJ has specially compiled a whopping 25 awesome pawsome products spotted from around the globe that are utterly cute and made for cat fans, so ShopandBox away while keeping in mind that one can never have too many cat onesies, leggings or even candle holders!




Pupa Milano Pupacat 4, EUR18.4, + Add To Wishlist

Talk about the cutest makeup all-in-one kit that you need to spruce up your vanity dresser. Made by Pupa Milano, this “Pupacat” makeup box includes 2 blushers, 1 concealer, 1 primer, 6 eyeshadows, 9 lip glosses, and 1 applicator.




Dome Tealight Candle Holder, GBP9.99, + Add To Wishlist
This dome tealight candle holder is made from thin translucent porcelain that shows off the delicate feline designs when backlit. You can choose to use tealights or LED bulbs for this candle holder, and it comes gift-boxed too so you can gift this to your one crazy cat-lady friend.



Keep Calm & Colour Cats Colouring Book, GBP4.99, + Add To Wishlist

If colouring takes your mind off the daily stressors in your lifestyle, what better shapes to fill in vivid hues other than intricate designs of cats?




Pyro Pet Kisa Candle, USD34, + Add To Wishlist

We bet you haven’t seen this one before: A cute cat shaped candle that embodies what a real cat really is! But as the wax melts, prepare yourself for a mild surprise as the cat’s inner wild beast reveals itself via a grinning metallic skeleton.



Modcloth Cut to the Chase Bag, USD39.99, + Add To Wishlist

Make a legit fashion statement with this charming kitty purse from Modcloth. This petite, vegan faux-leather bag includes a woven chain strap, a zipper closure, and an embroidered kitten to make up for every time you tried to walk your cat but failed (no surprises there).



Wine Lives, Drink Markers, USD10, + Add To Wishlist

Just like how you’d mark your keys with interesting key holders, wrap these pint-sized kitty wine markers around the stem of your wine glass to ensure you aren’t swapping wine glasses with your companion(s) during after-work drinking sessions.



Cat Ice Tray, USD8.99, + Add To Wishlist

Purrrfect for your next April’s fool/themed/Halloween party that you’re hosting for, cat ice cubes are just what you need to spruce up your usual drinks.



Crazy Cat Lady Board Game, USD19.95, + Add To Wishlist

While we’re talking about party-planning, whip out this aptly-named board game to find out how really cat-crazy your fellow competitors are as you make your way around your board. What’s extra cute is the punchy names on spaces such as “Rescue Grumpy Old Cat From Pound” and “Kitten Distracted by Bit of Fluff.”



Cat Eyes Auto Sunshade, USD12.95, + Add To Wishlist

If the intense sun rays are heating up your car to a whole new level, use this giant sunshade that features an enormous pair of kitty peepers to shade the UV rays. Why not give a little scare to passerbys as they stroll pass your car too?


Cat Suede-Flats

T.U.K Black Suede Kitty Flats, USD60, + Add To Wishlist

Don’t worry if Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty flats aren’t in your budget anytime soon, go for these black suede ones that has a cushioned insole for comfy walks and a chic heart motif beneath the slim black sole.



Bumper Kitty Cat Wedges, USD19.95, + Add To Wishlist

Want a few good inches extra to lengthen your frame? These pastel-coloured kitty wedges fit the bill thanks to its four-inch height (also means it will be super duper comfortable as you strut around!)




Cat and Fishbowl Necklace, JPY6,500, + Add To Wishlist

For a tongue-in-cheek accessory to your outfit, wear these amazing detail-oriented necklaces that feature a cat attempting to fish out its prey from a goldfish bowl that’s filled with “water”. This illusion statement necklace is exactly why Japan’s a great place to feed your cat-loving tendencies.



Cat Watering Can, JPY1,080, + Add To Wishlist

It’s not everyday that you see cat-shaped watering can, so add this beside your favourite potted plant for a quirky touch to your garden landscape.



MAISON DE REEFUR × Jeanne Detallante Chat Case, JPY3,024, + Add To Wishlist

How charming is this steel kitty-imprint compact mirror? Pop this into your go-to beauty bag for quick touch-ups throughout the day.



Realistic Cat Muffler, JPY16,500, + Add To Wishlist

This very realistic cat muffler is perfect for two things: 1) being a great conversation topic starter or just an interesting accessory to have people give you double takes, and 2) to keep you warm and snuggly like how your real kitty warms you up at home.



Tony Moly Cat’s Wink Clear Pact, KRW7,900, + Add To Wishlist

Add some fun to your beauty kit while keeping shine and excess sebum away from your face with Toly Moly’s pressed powder container that’s in a shape of a winking cat.



Silicone Folding Mini Steamer, KRW16,400, + Add To Wishlist

From your vanity drawers to your shoe closets, we’re moving onto adding cat details all over your kitchen. This silicone folding mini steamer is an excellent choice to encourage young ones to dive in to their steamed broccoli and carrots, thanks to its neon coloured cat with a bow in tow.



Cat Face Fleece Lined Leggings, KRW7,850, + Add To Wishlist

Instead of plain black leggings, stay warm and make a purry-cool fashion statement with these cat face fleece-lined leggings from Korea. Pair ’em with long tunics and sweaters teemed with cushy boots for a cute #OOTD to boot.



Cat Earring Display, KRW9,060, + Add To Wishlist

Tired of sorting through earrings that are all tangled in a messy heap? Hook on your earrings onto this cat-shaped earring display piece. It makes for a cool accessory on your dresser as well!



Silicone Air-Tight Mug Cover, KRW7,850, + Add To Wishlist

Keep your mug of tea/coffee piping hot with this silicone air-tight mug cover with a cat-ful of attitude as its handle.



Cat Sleep Mask, KRW6,670, + Add To Wishlist

Bring this cat-peeper eye mask when you’re travelling to get some shut-eye the best way possible – looking like a fab feline of course!



Cat Earrings, KRW14,000, + Add To Wishlist

You know you got it bad when you start wearing cat-inspired costume jewellery – especially when it’s in the form of cats with utterly perfect moustaches!



Cat Silicone Ice Cube Tray, KRW9.9, + Add To Wishlist

Another cat ice cube tray to add to your kitchen gadget stash, this silicone version is non-stick and dishwasher safe – better yet, it’s flexible for you to pop out ice cubes easily.


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