5 Korean Brands for Mature Skin

Korean beauty spans the cute to feminine to funky to chic but one thing that is a main stay are the ‘classics’. The older generation is well served in the beauty space and rightly so as they are the ones who pioneered much of what we deem as ‘must-have’ Korean beauty products.  Many Korean girls still swear by beauty treatments handed down from their mothers.

Today Boxer AJ shares about five Korean beauty brands that work wonders for mature skin. That being said, there is no reason you can’t sample them yourself; the same way your Mom might be pretty excited to receive something cute like a banana shaped hand cream from Tony Moly which is more often seen as a teen brand in Korea.



O’Hui is a popular brand that has an ethos which combines science and nature. Years have been invested into developing their special formulas. They are known as one of the luxury brands which are popular with the 30-50 year old range and they also have an extensive range of products including a line for men. Their must-have product for anti-aging is the Age Recovery Super Anti-Aging Essence (USD97, + Add To Wishlist) which uses a special formula of collagen which helps return elasticity to your skin therefore making it look younger.


The History of Whoo


The History of Whoo depicts elegance and royalty. They look back to history and the royal courts for inspiration on design and ingredients and combine it with a modern appeal. They have four main lines that are directed to specific interests and their no.1 product for anti-aging is the Ja Saeng Essence (KRW109,690, + Add To Wishlist).




One of the original ‘hanbang’ or oriental herbal medicine lines is Sulwhasoo which has been a favourite of older Korean women since the 1970s. They are known for using the traditional remedy of ginseng in their products. Their packaging is clean and graceful and very Korean, and their stand out product uses on of Korea’s favourite exports, Ginseng, which is known for its healing properties. Mum will definitely feel pampered with their Concentrated Ginseng Cream (KRW172,500, + Add To Wishlist).




Sooryhan uses high-quality herbal medicine as their message is all about bringing out the natural beauty in women. One of the great things is that there is a product to fit all budgets with this brand—it’s one of the most affordable on the market. They also have different lines for a range of issues such as moisture, whitening and anti-aging. One of their famous traditional ingredients is deer antler which can be found in the Su Cheonsam Seonyu Cream (KRW54,000, + Add To Wishlist).


Amore Pacific


The grandmother of many beauty brands, Amore Pacific was the one that started it all and if you ask any older Korean woman this will probably be the one they remember the most.  It truly is a Korean classic and uses many Asian traditional ingredients like ginseng, green tea and bamboo sap in its products. Some of their bestselling products are from the popular ‘Moisture Bound’ range including the Rejuvenating Serum (KRW120,620, + Add To Wishlist) and the Hydration Ampoule (KRW131,600, + Add To Wishlist).

And of course don’t forget the sheet masks, Mums love them just as much as you do and for an extra fun time get some hand gloves and foot booties. This is a great option if you are on a budget you can get these from all the brands here but also from some of your favourite road stores that have amazing quality for affordable prices.


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