5 Unique Kit Kat Flavours in Japan

For all Kit-Kat devoteess out there, welcome to The Kit Kat Chocolatory in Tokyo. This miniature Kit Kate store is more of a counter but nonetheless holds the key to the heart of any Kit Kat lover. It houses seasonal and limited edition flavours created by Chef Takagi and can be found in two locations – Seibu at Ikebukuro and Daimaru at Tokyo Station.

We took a saunter to Seibu Ikebukuro, got lost along the way which made our final destination all the more sweeter when we did reach the elusive little red counter. The Kit Kat Chocolatory does not have other ‘fun’ flavours like Cherry Blossom, Baked Kit Kat..those can be bought from other sources which we will cover in a subsequent post. What we did find was a carefully curated selection of five flavours:


Ginger Kit Kat

The ginger extract powder coupled with crispy wafer and milk chocolate gives this  a touch of sweetness coupled with a spicy after-taste. Definitely one of our favorites and great for the extra zing you need during a mid-day slump!

Ginger Kit Kat, JPY 432 + Add To Wishlist

Green Tea & Kinako

Green Tea & Kinako

For those who are unaware of what Kinako is, Kinako is simply roasted soy bean. The combination of green tea and roasted soy lends a creamy bitter-sweet note to this particular Kit Kat and is great for those who don’t like their snacks too sweet!

Green Tea & Kinako Kit Kat, JPY 432 + Add To Wishlist

Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese

This was the one we were most excited to try and on first bite, there is a powerful cheesy waft of flavour that slowly mellows into something lighter and creamier. This Kit kat is probably best for those who like their cheese and would go really well with some warm sake.

Cream Cheese Kit Kat, JPY 432 + Add To Wishlist

Strawberry Maple

Strawberry Maple

Strawberry and maple give this white chocolate base Kit Kat a very addictive quality. The maple flavour is very light but adds a punch to the otherwise typical strawberry flavoured Kit Kat.

Strawberry Maple Kit Kat, JPY 432 + Add To Wishlist

Ume / Plum

Ume / Plum

Ume otherwise known as plum to the rest of us is probably our favourite of the lot. The white chocolate base, crispy wafer and slightly acidic flavour of plum makes this a very addictive tea-time snack.

Ume/Plum Kit Kat, JPY 432 + Add To Wishlist

To see what upcoming flavours the Kit Kat Chocolatory will stock, take a look here.

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