8 Top Picks from Target Australia

If you’d thought that Target stores across most countries were similar, you might be in for a surprise. While all stores offer the same range of products such as beauty, home & living, kitchen, and apparel, the difference lies in the continent the Target store is at.

Take Target Australia for instance – collaborations from Target’s Australian counterparts vary from stores in USA or even Canada. For example, Dannii Minogue Petite is a selection of fashionable women’s apparel for fun-sized girlies out there; Olympic Gold medallist Giaan Rooney’s activewear collaboration with Spalding is one stylish and functional collection to boot; and celeb chef Curtis Stone range of kitchen appliances are excellent additions to your kitchen top. Another thing these have in common? They are unique to Target Australia only.

This week, we explore the top eight picks that you can get from Target Australia – from Australian beauty products to lifestyle options to beautify your living quarters:


1) Chi Chi Viva La Vida Lipstick, AUD18.95, + Add To Wishlist: This cult favourite beauty brand’s lippie will guarantee a dramatic, ultra-pigmented and moisturising pout with a formula made of beeswax, calendula, vitamin E, evening primrose and jojoba oils.

2) Nude by Nature Mineral Cover, AUD39,95, + Add To Wishlist: Another Australian beauty brand that’s on our must-have list, Nude by Nature’s Mineral Cover has SPF15 and Kaolin clay to cover redness, enlarged pores, and also protect skin from UV rays.

3) Giaan by Spalding 3/4 Leggings, AUD35, + Add To Wishlist: Giaan by Spalding’s range of activewear is one to ShopandBox if you’re a sports fanatic who loves stylish and performance-driven sportswear. These leggings are made for a comfy fit and minimal chafing – plus we’re loving that Lava print too!

4) Lucas Papaw Ointment, AUD11.49, + Add To Wishlist: You might have heard of the wonders of this multipurpose ointment that include antibacterial and antimicrobial properties – you can use it for anything, be it minor burns, rash, insect bites, nappy rash, or even minor open wounds.

5) Australian Macadamia Oil Cream, AUD3, + Add To Wishlist: Containing 100% pure Australian macadamia nut oil to maintain your skin’s hydration, this product is amazingly nourishing for dry and/or mature skin without leaving an oily residue.

6) Dannii Minogue Marble Effect Trinket Tray, AUD10, + Add To Wishlist: Australian singer-songwriter Dannii Minogue has also collaborated with Target on a range of home & living products. This marble trinket tray is a pretty must-have on your desk, bedside table or dresser to store anything you need!

7) Lisa T Large Ceramic Vase, AUD20, + Add To Wishlist: While you’re checking out accessories to ShopandBox for your abode, take a look at this ceramic vase that brings a modern touch to any home.

8) Curtis Stone Mini Workbench, AUD49, + Add To Wishlist: Celeb chef Curtis Stone’s mini workbench is a super handy tool to have in your kitchen workspace. It has built-in, slide-out storage containers to minimise clutter and time wasted for chucking waste into the bin.

Ps: If you are having fun shopping from Target Australia, be sure to check out another great lifestyle resource in the form of Kmart Australia!

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