Bargain of the Week: Fastest & skinniest 2TB Portable Drive

Saving and having a backup of everything shouldn’t be learn the painful way. I remember quite clearly when my laptop crashed a year ago, I had to put to bed not only the laptop, but also my 3,000 music files and 12,000 pictures. I brought it to the nearest repair shop thinking it would be an easy flick of the wrist and that my files would magically appear.

Guess what, that didn’t happen. In fact, they suggested I bring my laptop to a far-flung location where police detectives usually bring in computers to get data from the hardware of criminals… that would set me back an extra $600 without any guarantees that my files could be recovered. Fast-forward to today, and I am an avid supported of saving my files and documents. You name it, I’ve done it. Everything is on my dropbox, my cloud station and on an external hard disc, and when I’m feeling particularly motivated, it’s also saved locally and in my email inbox too… call it extreme but I learnt my lesson good and proper.

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Today, here is a bargain I had to share with you, it’s touted as the skinniest and fastest 2 TB portable drive. Starting at $65 for 500 GB to about $270 USD for 4 TB capacity, this seems like a huge bargain, so here goes people.. read more about it here. Or simply add it to your ShopandBox wishlist, so that your US Boxers can start purchasing it for you!



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