The 7 Best Cult-Favourite Candy, Chocolate and Cookie Shops In The United States

Champagne gummy bears, crispy confetti cookies, avocado chocolate, these days we are spoilt for choice when it comes to delicious sweet treats. Last month, we salivated our way through Australia’s best chocolates. This month, we speak to our Boxers and round up the 7 best cult-favourite candy, chocolate and cookie shops in the United States. The best part is that you can get these amazing creations delivered to your doorstep, even if you’re sitting halfway around the world!

1. Compartes

Compartes has featured on our website year after year with Shoppers around the world constantly seeking to try their delicious chocolate bars which are not only gorgeous to look at, but also pair unusual flavours together. Take their best-selling Avocado and Chips Chocolate Bar for instance, which features chocolate, avocado and crispy tortilla chips! Another fan favourite which honestly looks too pretty to eat would be their Cereal Bowl White Chocolate Bar. This brings back nostalgic memories of waking up to a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. Every single chocolate bar is handcrafted to perfection and we’ll let you salivate over their numerous offerings here.

2. Fancy Sprinkles

Fancy Sprinkles takes sprinkles up a notch. This company prides itself on luxury toppings and there is something for everyone. With offerings like Black Widow (a gorgeous metallic concoction of black and glittery gold balls, stars and rods) and Ice-Cream Cones (an adorable pastel blend of mallow-cremes), you’ll be tempted to collect as many bottles of their sprinkles as you possibly can. Head over to their Instagram account to get ideas of how to use your sprinkles!

3. Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery was founded in 1996 in New York’s West Village but has since expanded worldwide. They’re best known for their cupcakes but die-hard fans also highly recommend Magnolia Bakery’s baked goods. Chocolate chip cookie fans always aspire to recreate Magnolia Bakery’s famous chocolate chunk cookies but we say, just try the original. The best way to try these addictive cookies would be to purchase their Baker’s Choice Cookie Assortment box which comes with two dozen Chocolate Chunk and Oatmeal Raisin cookies.

4. Mast Chocolate

Mast appeals to those who pride themselves on being minimalist and sustainable. From their ingredient list to their very modern packaging to their store in Williamsburg, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another bean-to-bar chocolate brand that has gathered a loyal international following. Their flavours are simple but quality unbeatable and we like that they use less sugar and organic ingredients in their chocolate bars. If you have a friend who likes chocolate and considers themselves an art aficionado, the best gift you could gift them with is a Mast chocolate bar. Our picks? Their Coffee Chocolate and Goat’s Milk Chocolate bars.

5. Milk Bar

Milk Bar first came to our attention when we saw our US Boxers constantly shipping out giant tins of baking mixes with attention grabbing names like Cornflake Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix and Compost Cookie Baking Mix. Then came the orders for their pre-made Confetti Cookie Tin (featuring 6 huge happy looking cookies) and we knew Milk Bar had to be included in our list. They’ve got merch – think cookbooks, mugs and even collaborated with Glossier a few years back (a birthday batter-flavored Balm DotCom).

6. Sugarfina

Sugarfina is a luxury candy store and their candy is so pretty, that they make a regular appearance in bridesmaid goodie bags and as wedding party favours. They are best known as a candy store for adults, no bright colours and artificial flavours, everything has been designed for the discerning grown-up. Take their best-selling Rosé-All-Day range, a delectable collection of gummy bears, chocolate and swizzle sticks all delicately infused with real rosé wine. Another range worth mentioning is their vodka infused collection, check out their Martini Olive Almonds and if you’re a coffee addict, you’ll become dangerously dependent on their Cold Brew Bears.

7. Recchiuti

Recchiuti has been in the chocolate game for more than 20 years, and while they are a little more traditional than the names mentioned above, they shine when it comes to pure artisan decadent chocolate. They pride themselves on not adding preservatives to their offerings and this is a big win in our eyes. Their Burnt Caramel Sauce (as is their Extra-Bitter Chocolate Sauce) is so addictive, it’s got customers licking spoonfuls of this smoky buttery sauce by the jar and fans also can’t get enough of their Vanilla Bean Marshmallows which use fresh Madagascar Vanilla Beans and is handmade using traditional French techniques.


Featured Image Credit: Recchiuti Facebook 

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