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The late French shoemaker Roger Vivier is a renowned figure in the footwear industry for a handful of reasons that some might not know of today. After founding his namesake label in 1937, he later on introduced the stiletto in 1954, breathing new life into the sexy silhouette by reinterpreting the heel with a thin rod of steel to give it a thin, dagger-like look.

-=Also known as the “Fabergé of Footwear”, Vivier designed shoes for major Hollywood stars and members of the royalty—his clientele included Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine Deneuve, Cate Blanchett and even young ‘uns such as Camille Seydoux, Jessica Alba, and Anne Hathaway.


Currently helmed by creative director Bruno Frissoni, the French shoe brand has a few iconic choices that most women would go for when they think of a timeless shoe—the Belle Vivier pumps are perfect for those who like a little height without compromising on their ability to walk easily; the Belle Vivier Trompette heels have a slightly flare that evoke a shape typical of the swinging 70s; and not forgetting its line of stylish ballet flats, including this week’s price comparison pick, the Chips Ballerinas.

A favourite of Vivier’s Parisian muse and model Inès de La Fressange, the Chips Ballerinas feature the maison’s classic buckle in polished metal and comes in a few materials such as patent leather and suede. You can walk a mile in these pretty flats with its leather outsole and elastic back for a snug fit on your feet. Looking to get these appealing ballerinas from abroad? Here’s where you can ShopandBox the Chips Ballerinas in Patent Leather for less:


For our Shoppers in Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore, you can get the most bang for your buck by ShopandBoxing this from UK. With the favourable currency exchange rates, it still is more affordable to shop for this pair of luxe ballet flats from the UK instead of typically getting it from Italy or France. Even factoring in service and international shipping fees, you’d still save at least USD100* if you’re from Singapore! Add this to your wishlist now and start shopping!


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*prices accurate as of August 31, 2016 and exclude additional GST, Paypal/shipping/international service fees, and taxes that Shoppers may be subjected to

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