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Last year we introduced Co-Schedule to our readers who wanted to know how to best schedule content on a regular basis. Well, it’s been one year in and we thought we’ll give you a little update on how it’s helped us work as a remote team, the top 3 reasons why we like this marketing calendar tool and the cost breakdown.

To recap –

What is Co-Schedule?

It is a calendar that pulls together all your content across platforms like your WordPress blog and social media accounts so that you get one master calendar instead of having to navigate to multiple scheduling tools. Cos-schedule helps with planning, publishing and promoting content in one space. I love that it gives me the ability to manage all my writers from around the world in one space and to assign timelines so that everyone remains on track. Watch this video here to get a great overview in less than 2 minutes!

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

What do we like about Co-Schedule?


Within the last year, Co-Schedule has introduced a robust scheduling ability on their App. With their improved app, being on the go is not a problem as you can check out what has been scheduled for the day in one easy view. This is especially useful for Instagram where you are unable to post automatically. With Co-Schedule’s app, you get an alert when your Instagram post is due and publishing your content takes less than 5 seconds!

Educational Resources and Useful Tools

The second thing we appreciate about being on Co-Schedule’s platform is their very generous library of resources. There is an abundance of material on how to use their platform, but beyond that, there is easy access to useful material such as guides, videos, podcasts and more to help you and your team become better marketers. You can even filter by topic and trust us when we say there’s something out there for every member of your team. From resources on graphic design to optimization to video marketing, Co-Schedule has you sorted!

One of our very favourite tools is their Headliner Analyzer. This helps with establishing whether a blog post, email subject header or social media post has an effective headline.

Setting up timelines

The best feature about Co-Schedule is the ability manage a multitude of writers and designers across different time zones. By being able to set up “Task Templates”, managing timelines and to-dos is straightforward and helps to keep everyone on the same page. You can save task templates which really helps when there are various parties working on one post and everyone’s work is dependant on another party finishing their task. To find out more about how it works, read up here.

How much does it cost to use Co-Schedule?

There are four main plans that you can choose from. We use the “Team Marketing” plan which works for us as a small business. However, if you did want to trial the service before committing to a plan, Co-Schedule does offer a free 14-day trial which is helpful in deciding whether this is the tool for you and your team. One thing worth mentioning is that Co-Schedule has a very communicative and responsive customer support team which we absolutely love!

To read more about an introduction to Co-Schedule, check out our post here and if you’re keen to start a trial, visit this page.

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