Boxer Jin’s Top Superfood Picks from Korea

Korean superfoods have been all the rage as of late, from the obvious choice that is kimchi which has a wealth of health benefits for fermented vegetables (dietary fibers and various vitamins and minerals) to Korean black/purple rice which has been leading the super-grain scene thanks to its high fiber content with more antioxidants than even blueberries!

But on the other hand, if you’re looking for supplements and juices that you can add to your lifestyle, Boxer Jin from Korea who’s our very own deal-spotter and superfood expert will be able to help you out. Here are his picks on what you can ShopandBox from Boto Superfoods, a Korean company that Boxer Jin personally vouches for:

Maqui Berry Juice, KRW41,600, + Add To Wishlist

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If you haven’t heard from Maqui berries, it’s high time you should right now. A native of Chile, these berries have been part of the staple diet of the Mapuche Indians, incidentally one of the world’s longest-living cultures in the world. Maqui berries contain more antioxidants than any food that’s been discovered on this planet – no surprises there as to why these are an excellent addition to your diet. And no, there isn’t a catch as it actually tastes pretty good – some say a combo of blueberry, blackberry, watermelon, and acai.


Moringa Leaf Powder, KRW17,800, + Add To Wishlist

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Did you know that Moringa leaves were once consumed by ancient Romans and Egyptians, and also was used in traditional medicine centuries ago to prevent diseases? This Asian native has high levels of protein, iron, calcium, and Vitamins A and C in its leaves, making it one of the superfoods that has been proven by the scientific community to be a health benefit. According to the Epoch Times, Moringa leaves “work like a mop in your intestines”, adding detoxification in its list of wonders it can do to your body and digestive system.


Baobab Pulp Powder, KRW34,400, + Add To Wishlist

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So if anti-wrinkle creams in your beauty routine isn’t really doing much for your skin, Baobab Pulp what you need to add to your diet. This vitamin powerhouse actually has 10 times the amount of Vitamin C that you can find in the same serving of oranges (even more than kiwi fruits!) With its staggering amounts of Vit C, Baobab Pulp allows your body to form collagen and elastin while boosting high levels of antioxidants to prevent free radicals from damaging your skin – in a nutshell, it is essentially a great anti-ageing supplement to have in your diet.


Maca Powder, KRW19,500, + Add To Wishlist

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Maca is basically the equivalent to ginseng in Peru. A root that has been popular lately as a supplement and ingredient in healthy foods, Maca is great for revitalizing your body thanks to its multitude of essential amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. It also has unique alkaloids to help optimize the functioning of your glands, leading to a balanced levels of hormones in your body. Add a teaspoon of this to your daily bowl of cereal or even to your juice/smoothie post-workout!


Barley Grass Organic Powder, KRW11,700, + Add To Wishlist

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We don’t know where to start with the green superfood. From the amount of calcium it has (11x more than cow’s milk) to the iron content within that would make spinach look like everyday greens, barley grass makes a great glass of juice if you’re looking for a high-sodium and high-protein fuel for the day. Best part of this supplement? It doesn’t come with the fat that you get from animal protein. And if leafy greens aren’t your favourite part of the meal, the chlorophyll in barley grass is all you need to meet your daily green-leafy-veg quota.


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