Boxer Profile: Nicole’s 2-Step Baby Shopping Guide

For our fellow readers/Shoppers out there who have been enlisting the help of Boxers across the globe to help you get what you covet, have you ever wondered who your dedicated personal buyers really are? A few months back, we featured Boxer Surabhi from India coupled with a detailed city guide and her personal recommendations for you Shoppers to expand your horizons virtually.

Today, we speak to Boxer Nicole who is a self-professed foodie with a penchant for beauty products. You can tell from her 105 completed orders that her shopping prowess knows no boundaries, and that she is an efficient Boxer that is willing to go the extra mile to complete Shoppers’ orders.

Read on to find out what Nicole enjoys doing during her free time and the most effective ways of baby item shopping without blowing your budget:

Tell us more about yourself i.e. what do you do and what are your hobbies like?

I am based in Spring Grove, Philadelphia, and I am going to school to become a probation officer. My hobbies include baking, shopping, nature walks, helping people, photography, and spending time with my daughter Bryhleigh.

Bryhleigh differently lights my life up. She is the best. Life is hard but she makes it better. A child’s smile is contagious and you just can’t help but be happy when you look at her.


How do you save on spending when it comes to baby items?

Discounts kids stores always have a variety of sales every day. I’ve also signed up for emails in baby stores—this is great because they will email you regarding sales that are going on. Weekly ads and magazines are a great resource too because they sometimes include coupons.

And of course, shopping/factory outlets are great and probably the best way to save tons of money. The items there are always discounted; I have three different outlets around me in a 30-mile radius.



Do you have any tips when it comes to baby item shopping?

I’ve found 2 ways to shop systematically for Bryhleigh.

The first way is: Take a list of exactly what you would like to buy and stick to it. If this doesn’t work for you, the second option (which works more efficiently) is to give yourself a budget and stick to it. It helps to bring a certain amount of cash that you’ve allocated just for baby-shopping so you don’t go overboard.

When it comes to specific stores that I shop at, I quite like these places:

Low-end to mid-range: Gymboree, Carters, Pumpkin Patch, Polo Ralph Lauren children’s outlet, The Children’s Place, Disney Store, Walmart, Osh Kosh, Babies ‘R’ Us,

Premium/high-end: Baby Gap, Gucci Kids, Janie and Jack, Nike Kids, Dollie and Me, Tillys,


Do you have parenting tips for fellow young and new mothers out there?

For a young mother, things aren’t always easy but they are most definitely worth it. Bryhleigh was a New Year’s baby and she was born in the historical town of Gettysburg, Philadelphia. For me, parenting is trial and error—some things you get right but other things you don’t, so you just have to work at it and figure it out.


Get Started in less than 10 seconds:

  1. Sign in/sign up to your ShopandBox account.
  2. You can add as many items as you want into your wishlist.
  3. Once you’re ready, simply select the items you want bought, name your order, and hit the “Submit Order” button.
  4. You will be assigned a personal Boxer who will help you buy all your coveted items.
  5. Your box of goodies gets shipped to your door in 1 – 3 days wherever you are in the world!

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