Brand Spotlight: Cougar Beauty, Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand From UK


Ever heard of “snake venom” serums that will impart a major glow to your skin? For family-run beauty label Cougar Beauty, it seems ironic that most of its products are inspired by such unique ingredients, given its cruelty-free stamp. But what makes it stand out from the rest is its consistent record in producing high-quality beauty essentials.

Below, we scored an interview with founder Paula Dunne on what Cougar Beauty’s bestsellers are along with the most impressive of active ingredients incorporated in its products:


1. Please share with us a brief background of Cougar Beauty.

Our main company is called Rosdon Group UK, this was a company that my grandfather started. He was proud of British heritage and british made products and this was always a company that I wanted to make international. We will always be cruelty free and will continue to make all our products in the UK as we are a family business that have been brought up to respect the earth, nature and all who we share it with. We believe British manufactured products are of the highest quality and we are very proud to support other British companies, we are also very conscious about the negative impact that overseas production and transportation has on the environment and therefore producing our products here in the UK definitely reduces the harmful effects we leave on the planet.

I started Cougar in 2011 as I noticed a gap in the market for high-quality products with a lower price point. I wanted to make products which were inclusive of all ages, races, genders and classes, and therefore Cougar was made. We have now targeted a younger audience with our sub-brand CB&Co to make our products even more inclusive.

2. Why the name “Cougar Beauty”?

Cougar is a name which you either love or hate and it also has negative connotations with it. We wanted to break these connotations and bring a new association of a strong person who knows what they want and isn’t willing to compromise. We want our consumers to be those that won’t settle for extortionate prices in order to receive higher quality goods.

3. Who is your target audience and how do you connect with them?

Our main target audience is women who are 25 years old and above, but we do try to include all audiences within our marketing and our product choices. We target them through social media, competitions, subscription boxes, trade shows and events.


4. What are some of your new favourites and why?

We are just about to launch an assortment of brand-new products for summer! Our favourites are our new Hemp Skincare Range and our new Brazilian Papaya Skincare Range.

5. On the site, there’s a line that mentions that Cougar Beauty “creates and uses niche, quirky ingredients and formulations” in its products. Tell us more about these.

Our best-selling Snake Venom Range includes syn-ake, which is a synthetic derivative of snake venom which can be used to “deaden” the muscles in the face to prevent the formation and deepening of wrinkles. We have so many more available, more information can be found on our website.

6. What made you decide to use such unconventional active ingredients in the products?

We pride ourselves on bringing innovative products to the market as we understand that consumers want to see new products which work. Instead of creating products with the same active ingredients as our competitors, we wanted to bring excitement to the market with these unconventional yet unprecedented ingredients. Snail secretion has been used for centuries as a skin healing and softening agent. We took history’s medical advice and developed it to create a best-selling and original product that works.


7. What are some of Cougar Beauty’s bestsellers?

Our bestsellers are Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil, 24-Hour Liquid Lipstick 5-Piece, Snake Venom Eye Serum, Charcoal 3-in-1 Cleanser, Scrub and Mask and Fiber Lash Extender Kit.

8. What goes behind the creation of new Cougar Beauty products? Do beauty trends play a role?

We take into consideration the gaps in the market and we try to fill them with products that people didn’t even know they needed. We listen to trends and consumer feedback and we put our own spin on things every time so we are not producing the same products that are already out there.

9. What is next for Cougar?

We’re bringing out completely new ranges in the summer, from our Hemp Range and our Luxury Collection to our Cocktail inspired Ranges. We are also bringing out brand new makeup lines to our CB&Co brand very soon, so keep an eye out!


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