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If a Chanel jumbo flap or 2.55 purse is too pricey to pique your shopping interest, why not go for the lovely Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain?

Perfectly encapsulating the classic Parisian-chic look with quilted leather and the Chanel double “C” logo, it is exactly the same as the Chanel Boy purse, except that it’s pint-sized and works well as a wallet or mini bag. You can find it slung on the shoulders of A-listers including actress Keira Knightley, Austrian model Nadine Leopold and fashion blogger Alexandra Pereira from Lovely Pepa.

Photo credits to,, and

Photo credits to,, and

Chanel’s Fall Winter 2014 Collection saw this fun-sized wallet in classic black with silver hardware, crafted from metallic lambskin, sized at 4.8 x 7.5 x 1.7 inches. Other options include the aged calfskin and metallic calfskin, and you can find it in red, black, green and more (but the black is a wildly popular choice in France and Australia!)

ShopandBox this beauty from France now and save more than AUD 300 / SGD 400 / MYR 90 at the same time! Scroll down for more details on how much the Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain costs in France, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia respectively:

Chanel Boy Wallet

Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain, EUR 1760+ Add To Wishlist

*prices indicated in illustrations are lowest base prices available for the black aged calfskin/metallic calfskin purses
**prices accurate as of June 23, 2015 and exclude PayPal fees and duties you might be subjected to

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