City Guide with Boxer Peaches: Top 5 New York Stores for the Young Urbanite

The beauty about the Big Apple – and that is New York City for those of you out there who are unfamiliar with colloquial terms – lies within its diverse medley of brands that offer quirky knick-knacks from vintage and locally-made apparel to home interior products and fun accessories. If you can’t make the treacherous journey (24 hours on the plane for some of us) to this side of the globe, that’s what ShopandBox is here for!

Today’s virtual city shopping guide is New York City with Boxer Peaches, a fun-loving student who enjoys a good bargain. We’ve compiled a list of 5 brands that are made for the ultimate urbanite who is perhaps today’s young budding creative, 2016’s version of a hipster, and one who loves a good deal or an exclusively-made product from NY:

1) Object_ify139

Photo credits to Object_ify139

For the artist who loves specially curated art, accessories, objects, and books, Object_ify139 is the store for you. A space that showcases the local community’s work that is uniquely affordable and creative, you can find anything from perspex sphere bags to limited edition journals and magazines such as Modern Matter and Space Magazine. Take a look at what they offer on their e-store if you’re interested in quirky works of art.


2) Knickerbocker Mfg. Co.

Photo credits to @knickerbockermfgco

Male fans of Kinfolk, Cereal, and all things locally/hand-made, Knickerbocker Mfg. Co is right up your alley. Its name is inspired by New York Knickerbockers, the first baseball team recorded wearing baseball uniforms in 1849. Originally a cap manufacturer with a facility located in Ridgewood, NY, all products such as hats, woven apparel, outerwear and athletic wear are created by skilled craftsmen. Prices begin at an affordable USD35 for hats, USD85 for shirts, and USD35 for athletic wear.



Photo credits to @kith

It’s no surprise that the athleisure/sportswear trend is burgeoning as of late. With the influx of ultra cool kicks such as this beauty that is New Balance M997 – Bespoke among many others, it’s not an easy feat to find a curated selection of premium apparel and footwear. Herein lies KITH, a Queens-based store that offers a mind-blowing array of Hypebeast-worthy brands. Take your pick from adidas Originals x Yeezy to Helmut Lang and Y-3. We’re also crushing on their label’s own bomber jackets that look ultra comfy.


4) Oak

Photo credits to @oaknyc

Kind of like a new-age, minimalist Urban Outfitters with more monochromatic wardrobe staples than trendy separates, Oak NYC has a slew of ShopandBox-worthy products that might catch your eye as you virtually shop. Find slouchy dresses, scented candles, and leather jackets among its inventory, and they are currently having online sales of up to 80% discounts if you’re interested.


5) Charming Charlie

Photo credits to @charmingcharlie

But if you’re looking for a good ol’-fashioned e-store that sells a plethora of seriously affordable costume jewellery and accessories that are both feminine and trendy, Charming Charlie is your best bet. Where else can you find a pair of ballet flats for USD25 a pop? Or even tote bags that are roomy enough to use for work and weekends, priced at (cue gasp) USD29 each? Charming Charlie happens to be Boxer Peaches’ favourite store too, so feel free to ShopandBox your fill as you go!


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