These Clothing Hacks Will Save From A Potential Style Emergency

clothing hacks

Instead of throwing out clothing upon the first sign of wear and tear, why not use these clothing hacks to save yourself from potential wardrobe mishaps? Whether it’s discomfort from walking in heels or chafing from running in new trainers, these will guarantee you a fuss-free, smooth sailing day ahead. Add ’em into your wishlists now to have our Boxers ShopandBox it for you!

Alice Bow Insoles

clothing hacks

Insoles for High Heels, Alice Bow, USD19.9, + Add To Wishlist: High heel lovers, we all know how painful this chic footwear option can be. Tottering around all day long in brand new (or your highest) heels will usually result numbed feet and squished toes thereafter, hence, the creation of insoles. Insoles are seriously a lifesaver for anyone who’s got a weakness for wearing heels. These Alice Bow insoles are made of leather and have high-quality padding that keeps its bounce. It is specifically designed to cushion the ball of your foot/heels, and the best part? It can be worn with open-toe shoes too!


Lively The Bandeau Strapless

clothing hacks

The Bandeau Strapless, Lively, USD35, + Add To Wishlist: This bandeau will come in handy when you’re planning to wear anything that bares your shoulders — from off-shoulder tops to strapless frocks. It has a bit of stretch for a shape that’s right for you, and it comes with removable pads for a somewhat structured look. If you’re worried about it falling off throughout the day, fret not — a no-slip strip ensures it stays put all day long.


Body Glide Anti Chafe & Blister Balm

clothing hacks

Anti Chafe & Blister Balm, Body Glide, USD4.99, + Add To Wishlist: Chafing is one of the unfortunate situations that happen when you’re donning new shoes or clothing. To avoid irritation (not to mention raw skin), apply this anti-chafe balm from Body Glide. Its allergen-free, plant-derived formula forms a dry, invisible barrier to protect your skin, and keeps pores clog free without any greasy residue.


Magnetuck Magnetic Shirt Stays

clothing hacks

Magnetic Shirt Stays, Magnetuck, USD29.99, + Add To Wishlist: The next time you get up from your seat, don’t worry about making sure your shirts stays tucked in — this magnetic shirt stay from Magnetuck will do just the trick. It attaches to your shirt and keeps it in place below your waistline by your belt. Fret not as it doesn’t damage your shirt in any way, thanks to its strong Neodymium magnets that are molded in silicone rubber.


Commando Matchsticks Tricks Double Stick Tape

clothing hacks

Matchsticks Tricks Double Stick Tape, Commando, USD12, + Add To Wishlist: One handy clothing hack to always keep in your purse is double sided tape. Instead of using office tape, buy a proper clothing double stick tape that can adhere better on fabric. Matchsticks Tricks can fix any fashion faux pas that you might encounter — from peekaboo bra straps and bursting button-down blouses to fallen hems and shifty skirts.


Spanx Arm Tights Layering Piece

clothing hacks

Arm Tights, Spanx, USD34, + Add To Wishlist: These tights are similar to your usual Spanx — but it’s for your arms. Made entirely from hosiery, it is lightweight and seriously comfortable, giving you a second-skin feeling that isn’t too constricted. There’s no uncomfortable (or visible) seam, and it boasts 360° of coverage. Wear it as a layering piece or as a standout in a neon colour!


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