Eat Like A Parisian: 7 Must-Haves for Every Foodie

If you are the ultimate foodie who enjoys trawling all over the globe to sample the best food that each continent can offer, do it virtually while saving some dough by ShopandBox-ing our seven foodie picks from France below. Whether delectable macarons, chestnut spread, or the best salted butter caramels from the country, fill up your snack box with these mouth-watering options:

1) Pierre Hermé Macarons


One of our Shoppers’ favourites when it comes to ShopandBoxing from France is definitely delectable macarons from world-renowned “Piccaso of Pastry”, Pierre Hermé. We love that the maison offers a variety of seasonal flavours, and this summer’s highlights include passionfruit, rhubarb, and strawberries, rose and quince, and even liquorice and violet if you’ve got an acquired taste. Macarons weigh next too nothing, all thanks to its light yet delicately sweet, meringue shell—more weight to spare for other enticing snacks to fill your box from France! + Add To Wishlist


2) Clément Faugier Chestnut Paste


If you like chestnuts and jams or spreads, you’d love the French classic that is chestnut paste a.k.a marron glacé. Available at any French supermarket aisle, this crème de marrons is made from chestnuts, syrup, sugar and vanilla, and is amazing to eat on its own and on toast, cakes, and even ice cream. Clément Faugier is one of the most reputable and best-selling brands in France that’s well-known for its delicious marron glacés. Each paste is wrapped in gold foil and the tins are airtight to ensure freshness, plus it also comes in squeeze tubes if you’d like to sample it beforehand. + Add To Wishlist


3) Oliviers & Co. Olive Oil 


Why not go the extra mile and get a bottle of excellent olive oil to use for your salad dressing or even to replace butter in your baking sessions? One of the stronger contenders in the olive oil forefront is Oliviers & Co., who source its olive oil from the orchard of Provence to the Mediterranean Basin. Usually, 4 to 5 kg of olives produce 1 liter of oil, but O&Co.’s olive oil requires 10 to 12kg of olives to produce! Take your pick from a range of specialty olive oils, including lemon, basil, mandarin, and even chilli pepper. These olive oils come in gift sets as well, priced between €7.1 to €39.2 + Add To Wishlist.


4) Marshmallow bears


Marshmallow bears, or oursons guimauve are small chocolate-covered marshmallow teddy bears that are pretty much the most popular childhood candy that French people indulge in. Think of it as the Snickers of France, but cuter in shape and fun-sized. Eaten by both young and old, this ultra-cute candy was invented by a Frenchman from the north back in 1962 and is a comfortable snack if you have a sweet tooth and are an absolutely foodie. Available in white, milk, and dark chocolate, a dozen of these costs €9.95 a bag + Add To Wishlist.


5) Biscuit Roses de Reims


Another must-have French goodie to have for your teatime is Biscuit Rose de Reims, or champagne cookies – and as its name suggests, it’s the perfect accompaniment to champagne as it brings out the biscuit’s flavours. This snack has had a long history in the city of Reims, first created in 1691 and is a symbol of the holiday. Its lightly crispy and melting texture is almost like a meringue, but less cloying and more enjoyable. ShopandBox a dozen of these as a gift for the festive season – the famous French brand Maison Fossier offers this at €2.7 for a dozen + Add To Wishlist.


6) Salted butter caramels


We’re always a fan of salted anything, whether popcorn, chocolate or even hazelnuts. But these delectably salted goodies that we’re about to share with you will blow your mind and tastebuds. Get your hands on France’s most popular salted butter caramels, hailing from the acclaimed chocolatier and caramel maker, Henri Le Roux. Back in 1976, the renowned chef started making caramels in the south of Brittany, incidentally where you can find the best butter in the world. Fast forward to 1980, Le Roux actually won the award for the best candy in France! Yes – that’s pretty much how amazing these C.B.S (as he calls it) are. We suggest ShopandBoxing the 20pc box at €20.5 a pop – the best money you can pay for the best caramels in France + Add To Wishlist.


7) Les 2 Marmottes tea


Looking for absolutely natural herbal infusions to switch up your tea sessions? Try our Les 2 Marmottes tea hailing from the French Alps. This family-owned company was created in 1977 and is famous for its herbal teas that are of impeccable quality. Whether you’re looking for a detox tea, a drink for winter chills, or a slimming cocktail, Les 2 Marmottes has got something up your alley. ShopandBox an assortment of tea blends to try out now! + Add To Wishlist


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