6 Chic ways to charge your gadgets easily

When it comes to juicing up your smartphone, the typical way to ensure that you aren’t left with a measly 0% on your phone after a day out is to lug around a portable charger. But here’s the dilemma: What if your portable charger can only give you 50% of juice for the next half of the day? Or what if your bag doesn’t fit your sizable portable charger that (probably) weighs as much as a brick?

The next best alternative that we think is also a great solution is to invest in a bag that charges your gadget for you. Whether it’s a smartphone or laptop, taking along a clutch, briefcase or backpack that does all the charging needs for you is the perfect lifesaver – not to mention, it actually complements your outfit and doesn’t weigh a ton.


1. AMPL Smart Bag: Laptop Backpack, USD249, + Add To Wishlist: This startup backpack is a nifty accessory for when you’re on the go, be it to your commute to work or if you’re traveling. Weighing at only 5lbs, this backpack has a 22 Wh (6,000 mAh) battery to charge smartphones, tablets and USB devices 2.5 times faster than usual speeds. You can also control charge levels on the customisable AMPL SmartAPP dashboard that alerts you if you leave your bag behind. The best part? Its water-resistant fabric and shock-absorbing sole to ensure your devices are dry and safe.

2. HP Power Up Backpack, USD199.99, + Add To Wishlist: For HP users, this backpack is a great solution to your charging needs – it provides a full charge to most HP laptops, charges a tablet up to 3x, and a smartphone up to 10x. The ‘power priority’ control allows the order which your devices charge, and it also has a built-in heat sensor to ensure that your backpack doesn’t overheat while adjusting the temperature accordingly. Fret not over TSA security – it meets security requirements for in-flight carry-ons!

3. Poros Leather Charging Briefcase, USD269, + Add To Wishlist: For working professionals, a backpack might not be the best choice for your office job. Take on a charging briefcase like this version from Poros to power up your smartphone (up to six full charges) and tablet (twice). Its slim 15-inch interior allows you to carry on your laptop as well, along with magazines and planners. We’re also loving the full grain leather exterior for a stylish, modern look.

4. Kate Spade x Everpurse New York Small Harmony, USD378, + Add To Wishlist: A tote that you can chuck all things inside and charge your gadgets at the same time? We couldn’t resist Kate Spade x Everpurse’s tote for its roomy, functional interior and equally chic exterior. It charges iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6+/6s+.

5. Kate Spade x Everpurse Quentin Wristlet Pouch, USD198, + Add To Wishlist: If you’re an iPhone user who prefers carrying clutches over totes, Kate Spade x Everpurse’s wristlet is your new lifesaver. Simply slide your phone into the SmartPocket to charge your phone. And if you ever need to charge your clutch, place it on the wireless charging mat (that’s provided) to ensure you’re ready to go.

6. Rebecca Minkoff Charging Wristlet, USD48, + Add To Wishlist: But for those who are on a budget, Rebecca Minkoff’s authentic leather charging wristlet is another alternative you can go for. Made specifically for iPhone 6/6s, it has a 3,500 mAh battery to provide an extra 125% for your iPhone 6.


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