Goldfish Tea Bags from Taiwan

Taiwan is home to tea plantations and known for high-quality brews. Tea has always been a great gift whether for the young or old, but for your modern friend who appreciates architecture, high fashion and entertaining, we’ve got the perfect gift to ShopandBox right from the hills of Taiwan. This March, we explored the one and only Charm Villa store in Beitou District, Taipei. A mere 40 minutes MTR ride from Taipei city, an excursion to this store is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, especially if you are intending to explore the Beitou district which is renowned for its natural hot springs and fresh mountainous air.

Hidden down a narrow alley, Charm Villa is nestled in a charming little house in a residential neighbourhood. It was rather hard to find but this simply added to the anticipation of locating this notoriously elusive brand.

Image from @Honeycombers

Charm Villa, a Taiwanese company has created a series of handmade teabags in the shape of goldfish. These handcrafted tea bags when placed in a glass cup looks exactly like goldfish swimming and hours of enjoyment can be spent appreciating both the visual aspect and taste of this exquisite tea.

There are four choices of tea itself, Ruby Black Tea, Rose Black Tea, Oriental Beauty and Oolong Tea. Each box has 12 pieces and this our dear Shoppers is a gift that the most jaded tea drinker will value. These tea bags are very exclusive and there can be a bit of a queue, but rest assured that Taiwanese Boxer Yie Tze has managed to get these for Shoppers before so it is not impossible!

Charm Villa is also known for its wood work. Its roots lie in that its a design studio and thoughtful instances of this is incorporated into their store, from the massive display table where the tea is displayed to it’s handcrafted cloud shaped coasters and chopsticks.

Image from Demilked

Try: Charm Villa Gold Fish Tea Bags, 1168 TWD, + Add to Wishlist

More information:

Charm Villa
No. 137, Section 2, Fengnian Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112
+886 2 2891 0101
Site: Charmvilla

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