Honey Butter Chips Craze in South Korea

For those of you who take your love for potato chips very seriously, this nugget of information is about to take potato chip obsession to a whole new level:

South Korea’s latest craze, the Honey Butter Potato Chips from Haetae Confectionery Foods & Co. that was recently released last August is making waves in the food industry. According to Wall Street Journal, accumulated sales of this snack reached 10.3 billion won (USD 9.3 million!) by the end of November, and after going out-of-stock in stores, goods forums and even eBay had extremely marked-up offerings—we’re talking USD 50 a bag!

But fret not, the good news is that you can ShopandBox this bag of chips from South Korea now with the help of our Boxers who have reported that it is currently in-stock! This even tastes as amazing as it is worth to be: an indulgent combination of French butter and acacia honey that pairs beautifully with the briny goodness of a well-coated potato chip. Take this to be the equivalent of Godiva of all potato chips or the Bentley of snack-world if you will.


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Honey Butter Chips, KRW 7,000 (for the larger packet, 120g) + Add To Wishlist (you won’t regret it!)

If you’re planning to stock up before it sells out again, feel free to order a box of 16 for KRW 60,000 (60g packets) here.

But if you’d like to try something else different but along the same lines of funky, we recommend the latest Calbee Hokkaido Butter Shoyu Potato Chips from Japan—as odd as it sounds, Japan never gets their flavors wrong (as proven in their countless Kit Kat flavors). This intriguing combination of rich butter and soy sauce makes for an interesting snack if you tire from the usual salt and vinegar chips.


Hokkaido Butter Shoyu Potato Chips, JPY 100 + Add To Wishlist


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