Price Comparison: Louboutin Nude ‘Solasofia’ Ballerina Flats

As we all already know, the colour ‘nude’ doesn’t merely encompass one or two solid ‘skintone’ hues that lie between almond and pale beige. As such, renowned shoe couturier Christian Louboutin recently included its ‘Solasofia’ ballerina flats into its “Nudes” collection, following the expansion ofΒ its nude palette to five different shades.

For some of us who have got darker skintones, we can’t thank to famed shoemaker enough – because honestly a pale beige hue of flats can’t quite cut it if our skintones are three shades darker! On the plus side, if you’re a lover of heels but would like to invest in a classic pair of ballet flats for you to stroll comfortably in while making a fashion statement, Christian Louboutin’s ‘Solasofia’ flats should be right up your alley.

Interested in acquiring these coveted red soles to add to your shoe arsenal? Find out how much you can save here in this table that we’ve come up with:



As you can tell, ShopandBoxing this beauty from France garners the most savings for you, at a whopping USD133 if you’re residing in the UK and almost USD100 if you’re from the USA!

For our Shoppers in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and basically the rest of the world, the ‘Solasofia’ flats in 5 shades of nude aren’t available just yet except for France, Canada, USA and UK. So if you wanna get first dibs on this pretty pair of shoes, you know where to ShopandBox it from.

There’s honestly nothing quite like unveiling a box of Louboutins shipped exclusively from France right to your doorstep, or even having a new sleek pair of its iconic red soles in your shoe closet (we wouldn’t be surprised if you’d end up staring at it half the time instead of wearing ’em!)


Christian Louboutin ‘Solasofia’ ballet flats, EUR450,Β + Add To Wishlist

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Photo on home page credits to Christian Louboutin

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