The Top 10 Stores To Score Pet Essentials For Your Pooch

Planning to spoil your pet with tonnes of toys, treats and accessories? Consider some of these pet essentials shops from the USA and UK that you can ShopandBox with the help of our Boxers. From natural homemade treats to designer apparel, your furry best friend’s going to be one pampered pet at the end of your shopping spree:

Treats and Toys


pet food shops usa

Chewy is headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida and is the only pet food shop that opens 24/7, 365 days a year. With over 18,000 items in stock in its warehouse, shopping from Chewy ensures that you get your pet products ASAP as it offers super fast shipping — once your Shopper places your order before 4pm ET, it ships the same day within USA. From freeze-dried food to supplements for your pet’s well-being, there’s a plethora of options available to shop from.



pet food shops usa

PetSmart is likely one of the biggest pet store chains in the states, boasting more than 1,500 pet stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Apart from retailing pet food and accessories, PetSmart also offers other services such as grooming, training, doggy day camps, pet hotels and even veterinary care for your furry friend. Shop an extensive variety of brands that it carries online, and don’t forget to check in with the Sale section now and then for deals on all sorts of items including leashes, cat litter boxes, and pet supplements.


Lazy Dog Cookies

pet food shops usa

If your canine friend has a rather picky sense of taste, ShopandBox these treats from The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Founded back in 2001, the label only uses simple ingredients to make delicious dog food, all without wheat, corn, soy, egg and meat, with grain- and dairy-free options as well. In case you were wondering, they do not use any fillers, preservatives or artificial ingredients too. For your pup’s birthday, treat it with a decadent Pup-Pie (available in 15 flavours) or let it indulge in Mutt-Mallows — s’more-like treats that your pup def won’t be able to resist.


Bark Shop

pet food shops usa

After kickstarting a monthly subscription of all-natural treats and toys for pets in 2012, Bark decided to widen its expertise with Bark Shop, selling treats, chews toys for dogs that you can’t find anywhere else. Food wise, they’ve got interesting choices such as Beef Sliders, Turkey & Duck Nuggets and Chicken Tenders with Apple; not forgetting supplements for your pup such as the Pet Naturals Daily Probiotic Supplement Chew.



pet food shops usa

Similar to PetSmart, PetCo is also another leading pet specialty retailer with stores across the U.S., Mexico and Puerto Rico. Whether you’ve got a pet dog, cat, bird, or reptile, this is your place to go to stock up on pet supplies. Apart from a whole lot of food and treats, PetCo also offers accessories for outdoor to guarantee your pet stays safe and healthy, including electronic fence systems, activity monitors, and dog harnesses for your vehicle.


Apparel and Accessories

Funny Fur

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One of the older dog apparel retailers in the USA is Funny Fur. It was founded in 2006 with an online store and a warehouse in Houston, but after collaborating with the costume team for the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, it decided to open its first retail store in Houston. You can pretty much find any sort of apparel for your pooch from Funny Fur, including formal clothes, knitwear and sweaters, harness wear, swimwear, and even dog sports apparel for game days.


Venture Pup

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If your active lifestyle peppered with copious amounts of outdoor activities, chances are you might always bring your canine friend along on your excursions. Ensure your dog’s got his high-endurance gear on from Venture Pup. Some of our picks include Paw Wax that naturally protects its paws from snow, heat and dry surfaces; flea, tick and mosquito repellent that’s made of pure essential oils, and extra warm blankets that come in “dirt-defying colours”.


Urban Pup

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Shop a comprehensive range of dog apparel from Urban Pup with clothing you never thought your dog would need. For the cold weather, get argyle sweaters, parkas, rain coats and even alpine jackets for your pooch. The best part? They also offer customisable clothes in T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies that you can personalise any quote or name for your precious pup. Talk about making a statement throughout all seasons.


Lead the Walk

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If you’re looking for stylish dog apparel that would actually complement your own clothes (not anything overly cutesy or sweet), Lead The Walk is the brand for you. From chic, leather collars to classic tartan coats, your pet’s gonna be one smart-looking pup worthy of an Instagram shot. For a luxe touch, check out plush bath robes to keep your pooch warm and comfy after a bath.


Dog Pet Boutique

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Hollywood’s favourite pet store Dog Pet Boutique has catered to a handful of A-list clients including Adele, Eva Longoria and Charlize Theron, and has been featured on reality TV shows and news programs as well. Whether you’re scouring for plush blankets or the cutest ID tags, this is a one-stop shop for all things snazzy. Diehard football fans can get sweaters, vests, and even jerseys from the Sport section for your pet too.


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