8 Best Japanese Edibles with Gorgeous Packaging


When it comes to photo-worthy food gift sets, no one can beat Japanese F&B companies and retailers. It’s perhaps a known fact that the Japanese are meticulous in every detail—from the way they wrap their gift boxes down to the precise detail of peeling fruits, even!

It’s no surprise that we’re obsessed with everything Japanese, especially the curated range of rice crackers, candies, cookies and more that are widely available in departmental stores. Props to the way they package each food item—rest assured that anyone you gift with any of these will be elated to say the least.

japanese edibles

Image credits to Shiseido Parlour, Isetan Japan and Wa Bi Sa

If you’re gift-shopping for friends and family this holiday season, explore yummy snacks that taste as good as they look. Our Boxers in Japan will ensure that your edibles will show up on your doorstep real quick!

ShopandBox eight Japanese edibles that would make great gifts:

japanese edibles

  1. Okaki Rice Cracker, Ginza Akebono, JPY3,000, + Add To Wishlist: These rice crackers come in a myriad of sweet and savoury flavours, from chocolate cashew nut to kelp! Bonus points go to their folk art inspired packaging.
  2. Gift Box of 7 Petite YokanToraya, JPY1,800, + Add To Wishlist: If you haven’t heard of yokan, we suggest you ShopandBox em stat to try out these droolworthy bars. Made of gelled sweet bean paste (created from azuki beans, sugar, and agar-agar), yokan‘s history dates back to 1712, and Toraya’s version actually has a shelf life of one year!
  3. Flower Rabbit CandyMoroeya, JPY1,450, + Add To Wishlist: Moroeya’s candies that resemble “flower rabbits” are colourful to boot. Made of Wakana and Wasabi sugar via traditional manufacturing methods, it melts in your mouth without an overly sweet taste. We love how each candy is wrapped in Japanese paper, similar to a rabbit.
  4. Christmas SweetsShiseido Parlor, JPY1,598, + Add To Wishlist: This beautiful blue-green Christmas fairy-inspired gift box from Shiseido Parlor has three different candies inside, i.e. crunchy milk chocolate, strawberry, and our favourite—Speculoos!
  5. Petit Fours SecShiseido Parlor, JPY1,852, + Add To Wishlist: Only available in Ginza, Tokyo, this assortment of rustic, French-inspired cookies are a must-have and a hit with our Shoppers, making it a great holiday gift this season.
  6. Seven SpicesYawataya, JPY400, + Add To Wishlist: While different from the rest of the sweet treats, this brand of spices boasts a 270-year old history. Its famous seven spices blends coarsely ground red chilli pepper with six other herbs and spices, including Sichuan pepper, ginger, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, dried tangerine peel, and perilla.
  7. Holiday AssortmentYokuMoku, JPY2,160, + Add To Wishlist: YokuMoku’s holiday gift box features a cute Christmas-themed design, with five of its bestselling cookies (including the cigares!) within.
  8. Wa Bi Sa CookiesYokuMoku, JPY1,296, + Add To Wishlist: Wa Bi Sa is a popular brand known for its cookies that are baked with high-quality butter. Each cookie is dusted with powders of different colours and are ultra soft to bite into. This set’s flavours include Wasanbon (Japanese sugar), matcha, strawberry, grape and Kinako (roasted soy bean).


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Featured image: Shiseido Parlor

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