How to: Entertain Your Kids This Holiday Season

While you’re busy mingling and catching up with your friends and family at one of your many Christmas eve parties this festive season, the younger ‘uns might just be bored out of their minds waiting for the clock to strike midnight (and for gifts to be opened!) It only takes a little effort to distract kids this season – from hands-on cooking and baking sessions in the kitchen to arts and crafts that they can explore their creative sides with.

Here are a few ways that you can ensure the little ones are having their fair share of fun alongside adults this festive season:

Bake up a storm!


Nothing piques a kid’s interest as much as getting their hands dirty with food and eating their handmade efforts right after. A simple Google search can render you a tonne of kid-friendly recipes that are easy to make. We’d suggest fuss-free, eye-catching foods (read: no-bake, five-minute recipes) that a throng of children can participate collectively while still have fun and fill their tummies after. Sweet desserts can be healthy too, and our favourite is this no-bake honey nut Cheerio snack bar that incorporate seeds and nuts (you can get Cheerios here!) You can also play along with the festive cheer with DIY Christmas cone trees made with green frosting and a bunch of candies from this recipe.

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Build a puzzle/Lego set


If you’re afraid that regular puzzles can’t guarantee your kid’s attention span for more than ten minutes, it’s time to invest in a 3D/4D puzzles that are incredibly realistic and far more fascinating to put together. This 4D puzzle of NYC’s skyline is a great way to kickstart their interest in geography and history, but if that’s too challenging for the younger kids age 6-10, this 100-piece medieval castle play set might garner their interest with fun play figures and accessory pieces.

Alternatively, Lego has got some amazingly detailed sets that are perfect for a family gathering. Get on the Christmas spirit with the Winter Holiday Train, or take on this enchanting Disney Castle with avid Mickey and Minnie Mouse enthusiasts.


Get creative


One of the easiest ways to get kids entertained without losing their train of thought too quickly is with art and craft. A mess-free suggestion is wall decals that they can use to decorate their rooms or living area freely – you can ShopandBox affordable options here without breaking the bank. Instead of the usual painting and paper cutting activities, gather kids around the dining table for a swirly, milk art session that requires a handful of food ingredients and minimal hassle. For the tweens and older kids, a handmade fort made from newspaper is a pretty cool project to take on – it can serve as a building block for a tent that kids can drape their blankets and string lights over.

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Board games with the fam


Nothing spells family fun time as much as a board game or two that adults and children alike can enjoy. From strategical games that test your wits such as Dominion and Ticket to Wonder to old-school trivia i.e. Pictopia (this Disney edition is a solid choice) and Wit & Wager, board games are definitely an entertaining way to keep everyone on their toes and are perfect for all ages.

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