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If a buttery cookie, stroopwafel, or perhaps a slice of cake are amongst your list of edibles to accompany a cuppa Joe, today’s post will offer a far more delightful option for your daily java runs.

Those who love nothing more than dash of sugary goodness in their caffeinated beverage of choice would find this snack up their alley: Floating, gooey, marshmallowey goodness that take on a myriad of characters. Unsurprisingly, these are one of the more popular exports from Japan and have been trending with coffee-lovers as of late.

All you gotta do is plop a marshmallow on your hot beverage of choice to make it picture-perfect with a hint of sweetness. These ‘mallows will float and gradually dissolve as you sip your coffee languidly. Check out what happens to your cute coffee edible towards the end (hit fast forward to 5:35).

In case you were wondering how these floating marshmallows are different from regular ones, it all lies within each marshmallow’s character. As you can see, there are all sorts of variations of these fluffy candy, from cat faces with paws peeking up, to merely the cats paws on its one. You can even find Gudetama, everyone’s favourite lazy egg by Sanrio, in marshmallow form.

ShopandBox these fluffy Japanese edibles here:

japanese coffee edibles


  1. San Pasta Cafe Cat with Ribbon, San Pasta, JPY965, + Add To Wishlist: This is perhaps the most popular cat marshmallow that Shoppers have been snapping up as of late.
  2. San Pasta Cinnamon Marshmallows, San Pasta, JPY432, + Add To Wishlist: If you prefer flavoured marshmallows, these cinnamon ones might be your new favourite.
  3. Malo Marshmallow, San Pasta, JPY1,080, + Add To Wishlist: In case you’re not a cat person, these adorable chef ones are also available.
  4. Gudetama Marshmallow, San Pasta, JPY1,080, + Add To Wishlist: Don’t worry, these Gudetama ‘mallows with its accompanying ‘bacon’ strips aren’t literally egg/bacon flavoured!
  5. Miwa Cat Paw Marshmallow, San Pasta, JPY640, + Add To Wishlist: Cat paws for those who are obsessed with everything cat-related.
  6. Rabbit Marshmallow with Chocolate, Royal Gastro Club, JPY950, + Add To Wishlist: Even better yet, get these poofy edibles that have chocolate stuffing within.
  7. Assorted Marshmallow Animals, Marshmallow Kitchen, JPY1,296, + Add To Wishlist: An assorted box of marshmallow animals would be a great gift for your friend/family member who’s absolutely into 1) coffee, and/or 2) anything animal related.


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Featured image: San Pasta

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