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imabari towels

It’s an understatement that the Japanese take their craft seriously. Even with a mere household essential such as towels, they take meticulous effort and care in ensuring they are the best towels you can get your hands on. These Imabari towels are named after the town it is manufactured in with a history dating back to more than 120 years. About 60 percent of towels in Japan are made in the city—you can even find an Imabari museum on siad towels!

But what makes Imabari towels so popular and cherished is all thanks to its uncompromising quality. The techniques behind creating it is generations-old, and these towels are so popular that it’s been exhibited in fairs across the globe. Only soft water sourced from the mountains is used to make the towels, as it has a much lower content of minerals and heavy metals. This will result is its soft absorbent finish with an extra white colour (as the water is pristine enough) sans the need to bleach. One good way to tell how absorbent your towel is is by placing it in water. According to Imabari, a good towel will sink into the water within a mere five seconds.

Whether you plan to revamp your towel stash in your household or intend to gift a friend or family member, ShopandBox our top brands from Japan:


imabari towels

Founded in 1934, Kontex is one of Imabari’s popular textile companies. It only uses traditional machines to weave yarn in order to preserve its delicate texture and properties—something that a modern machine is unable to do. Hence, the unbelievably soft finish that’s unique to boot.

  1. Claire Imabari Towel, Kontex, JPY1,296, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Fill Imabari Face TowelKontex, JPY1,296, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Handkerchief CollectionKontex, JPY864, + Add To Wishlist



imabari towels

Iori is a specialty towel store that’s based in Ehime Prefecture in Japan. It has a wide range of Imabari towels in various materials and colours, from jacquard weave to organic cotton. Take your pick from gauze-pile towels dyed with eco-friendly natural plant and fruit extracts, or double-layered herringbone towels tailor made for hot/humid weather.

  1. Imabari Garden TowelIori, JPY864, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Hikari TowelIori, JPY32,400, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Umi TowelIori, JPY756, + Add To Wishlist



imabari towels

Ikeuchi Organic prides itself on its “Life Fabrics”—organic, raw materials that are cultivated and managed carefully. A few of its standout fabrics are the Organic 332 Gauze that is two-sided (gauze and organic cotton) for high absorbency and bamboo rayon that boasts an uncanny, luxurious finish as silk.

  1. Organic Baby Gift SetIkeuchi, JPY6,150, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Mottainai × Hello Kitty Bath TowelIkeuchi, JPY3,800, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Organic 332 Gauze Sports TowelIkeuchi, JPY3,000, + Add To Wishlist


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