K-Beauty Picks For A Pampering Session Without Breaking the Bank

k beauty pampering session

Every now and then, indulging in a pampering beauty session is necessary for a beauty refresh. For our Korean counterparts, these pampering sessions aren’t a weekly treat—more like something they’d do on daily basis. Here are some Korean head-to-toe pampering picks that aren’t only easy to use, but also travel friendly for you to use it on the go. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save just by committing to these at-home beauty sessions:

k beauty pampering session

  1. Bubble Bath BallA’pieu , KRW3,800, + Add To Wishlist
    This bath ball contains rosemary oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil for a relaxing soak in the tub.
  2. Damage care hair treatmentmise en scene , KRW7,500, + Add To Wishlist
    If you frequently dye your hair or have dry ends, this treatment can be used daily as a conditioner for healthier looking hair.
  3. Foot mask,  Modi , KRW2,500, + Add To Wishlist
    Pamper your feet with this paraffin foot mask that has shea butter and calcium.
  4. Hand and nail maskModi , KRW2,500, + Add To Wishlist
    Don’t forget your hands—try this paraffin hand mask that’s infused with avocado oil and calcium to nourish your hands and nails.
  5. Aqua chip circle point maskMediheal , KRW4,000, + Add To Wishlist
    What makes this mask stand out is the marking of pressure points on your face to help you relax. All you have to do is press gently on the spots 3-4 times and snooze.
  6. Layering me soothing maskmake prem , KRW5,000, + Add To Wishlist
    If you need an extra boost of rejuvenation, this double layer mask is packed with essence for you to cover your entire face and area beneath your chin.
  7. White truffle hydramax knit maskNeogen , KRW6,000, + Add To Wishlist
    This hi-tech knit mask is literally knitted to allow maximum absorption of the essence into your skin. Plus, it covers the area right down to your neck! Talk about a neck and face mask for the price of one. Check a youtube review on it here!
  8. Soy candlesPresh , KRW27,000, + Add To Wishlist
    Set your room ambience for a calming atmosphere with these three soy candles in different aromas which are lime citrus, earl grey and cherry blossom.
  9. Water towel robeCroquis glow , KRW92,000, + Add To Wishlist
    Lounge about while you’re relaxing in this stylish unisex towel robe that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  10. PJ shirtMelt , KRW79,000, + Add To Wishlist
    This deep green pajama shirt allows you to sleep in style—even when you’re kicking back on a lazy night in. Material 100% polyester.
  11. Press on pedicureDashing Diva , KRW12,800, + Add To Wishlist
    Fret not over waiting for your toenails to dry after painting ’em. This box of press on pedicure comes in 12 sizes and 24tips to ensure you can find the right fit for your nails.
  12. Press on manicure, Dashing Diva , KRW11,800, + Add To Wishlist
    There is a score of manicure designs to choose from and this press on manicure will get you party ready within minutes. Watch this video for a demo on how to apply these beauties on!

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Featured image: A’Pieu

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