KL Fashion Week 2015: Designs You Can Get

Apart from a truckload of delicious cuisine and pristine beaches, Malaysia has got a burgeoning scene of young and upcoming fashion designers who are talented as well as inspirational. Paving the way to becoming the next Jimmy Choo and Zang Toi of the country, notable designers in the industry include Jonathan Liang, Khoon Hooi, Alia Bastamam, Pearly Wong, and many others.

As a throwback to Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2015 that happened mid-August this year, we rounded up some designers whose creations can be ShopandBox-ed if you are interested in supporting the local industry here, and if you’re a fan of beautiful, impeccably-made designs.


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Literally meaning “our dream” in Malay, this 7-year-old apparel label is the brainchild of the Zulkifli sisters, offering a range of bridal and ready-to-wear collections that combines traditional influences with a modern twist—but always with a feminine touch as seen here.

Hayden Koh

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The eponymous label was created by Hayden Koh and Eddy Thong with the idea of making local fashion more accessible to the market in Malaysia. If you love high-quality, simple and chic contemporary designs that are comfortable enough to wear for the workplace and a night out hitting the bars, Hayden Koh is your go-to designer.

My Apparel Zoo

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Founder Ellie E. Norman’s signature detail in her label is eclectic printed fabrics sourced from around the world. Find two-piece African and Japanese printed asymmetrical skirts and obi-belt-cinched tops in beautiful bright summery colours that you can wear for an evening event or a weekend day out.

Pearly Wong

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No stranger to the fashion industry, Pearly Wong has had her collection presented on the runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin twice. Famous for her monochromatic palette and utilitarian designs, you’d like Pearly Wong if you’re into mod, Scandinavian-inspired, black & white everything.

Khoon Hooi

Photo credits to @afzanshakira, @mamastylista,  @lynlynnlynnnlynnnnlynnnnn

Photo credits to @afzanshakira, @mamastylista, @lynlynnlynnnlynnnnlynnnnn

After winning the runner-up award for Malaysian Young Designer and in 1996 and a special prize for the Asian Young Designer Award in Japan, Khoon Hooi has been making waves with his romantic creations that infuse texture, embellishments, and silhouettes with a dose of avant-garde modernity that’s rarely seen from the local industry—you can practically find celebs and fashionistas repping his apparel from around the globe.

If any of these intricate designs caught your eye, reach out to our Malaysian Boxers by adding any items you like into your wishlist and clicking on “Submit Order”. Fret not if some of these apparel are only available in-store as our Boxers are able to personally shop for you by going in-stores and/or ordering it over email or phone.

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