Korean Beauty Products with a “Green” Twist

To usher in the New Year, here are some Korean products picks with a ‘green’ twist that I personally have been eyeing for better and healthier skin. The items below are made with natural ingredients from parsley extracts to wild flowers and herbs that are perfect for rejuvenating your skin from within.

If you are looking for some key staples to build a skincare routine that suit you, one of these could be it!

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  1. Nokcha Poktan Cleanser, Yuri Pibu, KRW29,000, + Add To Wishlist:
    To break this product down, Nokcha = green tea, Poktan = bomb. This facial cleanser cum makeup remover is tailor made for busy people who prefer multifunctional beauty products. This cleanser contains green tea powder, bits of leaves and seeds—a power packed green tea concoction to wipe clean dirt on your face.
  2. Black Clean Up Pore Heating Gel, Mizon, KRW15,000, + Add To Wishlist:
    If you aren’t a fan of peel-off nose strips, you might want to consider this wash-off nose gel. This product is easy to use and if you are like me and enjoy a little “heat”, this might be one product you’ll like. On a clean nose, massage the cream for 2-3 minutes till it heats up, then wash away with lukewarm water before giving it the final douse of cold water—say hello to clear pores!
  3. Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel, Mizon, KRW12,000, + Add To Wishlist:
    This gentle exfoliator does not have microbeads that might trigger super sensitive skin. All you need to do is lather it thoroughly on your face and wait for a minute before you gently massage it into your face. After 2 minutes, you’ll be able to see the product turn into “flakes” to uncover a smoother skin beneath.
  4. Parsley Herb Toner, Yuri Pibu, KRW29,000, + Add To Wishlist:
    This toner contains 60% parsley extract that refreshes and prepares the skin to better absorb skincare products afterwards.
    Korea beauty products green
  5. Essence: Grab Water, Huxley, KRW43,000, + Add To Wishlist:
    This essence contains Sahara prickly pear seed oil that is said to contain 400 times more Vitamin E than olive oil! It is lightweight yet moisturizing, and absorbs well into the skin to lock in moisture.
  6. Argan Intensive Hydrating Serum, Aromatica, KRW28,000, + Add To Wishlist:
    This serum contains argan oil and it’s EWG-verified — this means that the ingredients are the purest without any toxic contents that could harm the skin, making it one popular vegan beauty pick for its hydration and nourishing properties.
  7. Rose Absolute Vita Cream, Aromatica, KRW42,000, + Add To Wishlist:
    If you already have a serum and you’re looking for a cream moisturiser, this rose cream by Aromatica is another product that is EWG-verified. It contains damask rose, avocado oil, organic shea butter, aloe vera and herbs (a blend that would make a great smoothie drink if you asked me), and is popular amongst beauty editors worldwide.
  8. Organic Flowers Eye Essence, Whamisa, KRW33,000, + Add To Wishlist:
    Last but not least, the Whamisa eye essence contains no water but aloe vera and wild flower extracts that possesses anti ageing properties. It is said to help minimise the appearance of dark circles and moisturise the eye area. The best part? It is also another EWG-verified product that’s a bestseller in Korea.




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